TEXAN LEGACY: Winter 2017-2018 A Legacy Through Endowments
Dr. Jeffrey Steed, Director of Planned Giving The Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation

December, 2017

Hebrews 11 is known as the legacy chapter of Scripture.  Over the centuries, the individuals reflected in this chapter such as Noah, Abraham, Moses and others continue to have an impact upon the Kingdom because of their individual efforts while they lived on this Earth.  Their legacies have far outlived their earthly lives!


Legacies are important.  I had the privilege to work with a couple recently who have tithed to their church for most of their lives and they want to continue that tithe through an endowment that will impact the church long after they pass away.  The endowment will be funded through their Last Will and Testament (or last testimony) and will provide annual income to their church after they pass away.  They want to leave a legacy for the Lord’s work and their last testimony on this Earth will establish that legacy through an endowment.


This same couple will leave a model of generosity towards ministry for their family as they demonstrate a perpetual impact on their church and potentially other ministries.  They will also benefit their family with some of their estate. 


This couple will forever impact the Kingdom and demonstrate a heart of generosity to their family.  Their legacies will far outlive their earthly lives.  Like this Christian couple, our legacies through our last testimony on this Earth should reflect what has been important to us while living, God and family.