$9.5M available for capital projects
San Antonio Area Foundation

December, 2017

$9.5M available for capital projects
Apply in January for Santikos grant

Is your nonprofit seeking funds for a capital project? Our Capital and Naming Right Grantsapplication will open Monday, Jan. 8. A total of $9.5 million will be distributed for local capital projects and naming rights in honor of the late John L. Santikos.

Nail your first program evaluation
One week left to apply for certificate program

Learn how to create and execute an evaluation plan through our Program Evaluation Certificate. Deadline to apply is Friday, Dec. 15.

Build your management skills
9 sessions to becoming a better supervisor

Grow your management skills with our exclusive Supervisory and Management Certificatein partnership with University of the Incarnate Word's H-E-B School of Business & Administration.

The five-month program includes nine in-depth sessions covering

  • the fundamentals of management and leadership
  • interpersonal communications skills
  • performance management
  • and so much more!

Reel in the volunteers
Develop mission-focused opportunities

Engage and retain your volunteers with mission-focused tactics from our Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Volunteers workshop on Monday, Dec. 11.

Practice responsible fundraising
Improve operations and build donor support

Join Jennifer Moriarty, founder of the Moriarty Consulting Group, as she leads our  Board Principles IV – Responsible Fundraising workshop on Wednesday, Dec. 13. Drawing on her three decades of experience in corporate and nonprofit finance, Moriarty will guide you through gift acceptance policies, compliance with donor intent, and more.

Mark Your Calendar! 

Visit saafdn.org/Calendar for a complete list of upcoming workshops, events, and grant deadlines. 

Dec. 11: Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Volunteers
Dec. 13: Board Principles IV – Responsible Fundraising
Dec. 14: To Be or Not To Be a 501(c)(3) 
Dec. 14: Finding Funders Library Training    
Dec. 15: Program Evaluation Certificate Application Deadline
   Jan. 8: Capital and Naming Rights Grant Open
   Jan. 5: Supervisory and Management Certificate Registration Deadline 
 Jan. 16: Annual Responsive Grant Cycle One Application Open 
 Jan. 23: Strategic Planning: A Critical Tool for Nonprofit Organizations 
 Jan. 24: Crisis Communication 
 Jan. 25: Finding Funders Library Training 
 Jan. 30: Attracting New Donors 
 Jan. 31: Structuring a High Performance Board 

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