Silver & Black Give Back's Unveiling
Silver and Black Give Back

November, 2017



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we raised more than$10,000 during our annual staff week

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operation renovation

facility grants update

Silver & Black Give Back unveiled a newly-renovated outdoor basketball court area at Davis Middle School on Friday, Sept. 1. The renovation is part of Silver & Black Give Back’s commitment to the NBA Cares Legacy Project Learn & Play Centers, supporting SBGB’s mission to empower youth through service and sports.

In July, SBGB awarded Davis Middle School $30,000, which the school used to refurbish their outdoor basketball court and purchase a new hill runner, washer and dryer, ice machine and water fountains. Davis Middle School is now one of three middle schools in the United States to have a hill runner for training and the only school where it will be also used for girl’s athletics. The new renovations will provide students with a safe place to learn, grow and play


women in sports & time to team up

team up challenge update

On August 14, girls from Camp to Success and Girls Inc. came to the AT&T Center for an opportunity for them to learn from some influential women within Spurs Sports & Entertainment.

The girls participated in a panel discussionwith Stars players, Kayla McBride and Shay Murphey, along with other female leaders from the organization like Stars General Manager, Ruth Riley, and Silver Dancer, Brittany Hackett.

The girls from Camp to Success and Girls Inc. were able to share with the panelists all the work they're doing in the community. They got to do this while working alongside each other during a team builder exercise prior to the panel discussion.

The conversation focused on topics such as career, education, personal and professional development. Following the panel discussion, the girls were taken on a tour of the arena. 


sbgb staff week
fundraising update
Silver & Black Give Back hosted it's second annual SBGB Staff Week on August 14. The goal of SBGB Staff Week is to thank staff for their support throughout the year, grow a stronger awareness and encourage staff to be our advocates.

The support we received was incredible! Throughout the week and through a variety of different fundraisers, we were able to double our revenue goal of $5,000 by raising a gross total of $11,924.