The SS Museum has secured the land and building
Sutherland Springs Historical Museum

July, 2014

The Sutherland Springs Historical Museum is secured.   Although we did not reach our total goal of $38,000. But, did have enough donations to reduce the debt.

A  little over $16,000 was raised in donations.

We have borrowed enough money to pay off the original note.

So, we will still need to have fundraisers and accept donations to pay off the recent loan.

But, the Sutherland Springs Historical Museum is secured.
Thank you to EVERYONE who donated.  If you have not donated there is still time to get on the wall in the Museum for the People who saved the Museum.   Your family name and picture will also get placed on our web-site. SSMUSEUM.ORG

People are amazed that Sutherland Springs being unincorporated had so much support.  

New families and Old Families came together to support the Museum.  
Again Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.