Silver & Black Give Back

April, 2014

An on-court ceremony today will recognize the charitable efforts behind the multiple auctions of the 2013 Tux ‘N Tennies Truck. The truck, initially donated by Charlie Amato, Bill Day and Gary Dudley from North Star Dodge, was originally up for bid at Silver & Black Give Back’s 2013 Tux ‘N Tennies. The truck was subsequently donated and auctioned- or raffled-off three more times, raising a total of $257,500 for local nonprofits.


Spurs Sports & Entertainment will recognize those associated with the “pay-it-forward” movement in an on-court presentation during Game 5 of the first round in the NBA Playoff series between the Spurs and the Mavericks. SWBC, North Star Dodge, Gregg Popovich, Larry Mills of Holt CAT and Gary Mills of Rat Hole Drilling all contributed to the ground swell of giving associated with the 2013 Tux ‘N Tennies Truck.


Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was the highest bidder on the truck at Tux ‘N Tennies and in-turn donated the truck to be used in the Clarity Child Guidance Center charity auction. The custom truck ultimately raised $62,500 for Silver & Black Give Back, $60,000 for Clarity Child Guidance Center, $60,000 for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and $75,000 for St. Jude’s Ranch for Children for a total of $257,500.


The Spurs-themed truck, customized at Tim Duncan’s BlackJack Speed Shop, is a 2013 Ram 4X4 that features two-tone white and silver paint with a one-of-a-kind hood autographed by Spurs players. 


Madyll Powao became the final winner of the truck through the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children ticket raffle on Saturday, April 26 and will receive the keys during the on-court ceremony Wednesday evening. 





About Silver & Black Give Back

Silver & Black Give Back is a 501(c)(3) public charity that invests in the community in partnership with the entire Spurs Sports & Entertainment family of teams. For more than 25 years our players, coaches and staff have focused on fostering young talent and enriching the community by encouraging local youth to become responsible adults and give back through programs like Spurs Youth Basketball League and Team Up Challenge. Together, our community has the power to empower and create lasting change throughout San Antonio. More information on Silver & Black Give Back can be found at SBGB.org.