WSSA Receives $200,000 Anonymous Gift
Winston School San Antonio

June, 2012

The Winston School San Antonio is pleased to announce the receipt of an anonymous major gift to be applied to its 2012-2013 academic school year needs.  This gift was given by a San Antonio family in appreciation of the school’s success in providing a nurturing environment for students with learning differences to receive a quality education.
Dr. Charles J. Karulak, Headmaster, responded, “The quality of our teachers, programs, and staff creates an environment where many of our students realize they have amazing talents.  All of our students are encouraged to go with their strengths and manage the challenges of their learning differences.  We are very thankful for and encouraged by this generous gift to continue to advocate for those minds that learn differently.” 

Serving South Texas since 1985, The Winston School San Antonio addresses the local 27% high school attrition rate.  Throughout its history, 100% of the seniors have graduated and 85% have been accepted into colleges or universities.

About The Winston School:
The Winston School San Antonio offers a personalized college
preparatory education for students with average to high potential and
identified learning differences.  A Winston School graduate is confident, well-rounded and a lifelong self-advocate.