Picture Your World Youth Photography Project Workshop Series Continues
Around Texas

November, 2009

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas’ very successful Picture Your World Youth Photography Project continues throughout the 2009-2010 school year with a series of workshops that focus on discovering the unique qualities of Nature’s elements. By examining and exploring these different elements, students will get to investigate earth, air, fire and water. These workshops will be held at sites that are rich in photographic opportunity and intrigue the children. The Picture Your World Program educates children about the world around them. A professional photographer and a professional naturalist help students fully explore their natural environment. through the eye of a camera lens.

Classes for 8-12 year olds take place in the morning and 13-18 year olds in the afternoon. Students may borrow digital cameras or bring their own. They may attend one, several or all eight workshops. The workshop season ends with a photo competition in the spring of 2010. Contest winners receive cash prizes and will have their work displayed at a public venue. 

Participants may download the registration form www.greenspacesalliance.org and mail or fax it. Cost is $10 per class for the children of Green Spaces members while the cost is $15 per class for the children of non-members. For more information, call 210-222-8430 or email info@greenspacesalliance.org.  

Picture Your World is one of Green Spaces Alliance’s numerous programs that focuses on promoting community awareness. It aims to demonstrate the need for conservation through images that reveal the interconnectedness of earth, water, sky, and the creatures living in the environment, including man. Picture Your World is being coordinated for Green Spaces Alliance by art educator Sherry Christensen.

Workshop Dates: Unless otherwise noted, the 8-12 age group will meet from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and the 13-18 age group will meet from 1-4:30 p.m.

November 15, GovernmentCanyon,

Justin Vasquez, Photographer

Naturalist Paul Cox

San Antonio, TX78254

Air: See what the trees do for us


Melanie Rush Davis, Photographer

Naturalist Patty Pasztor


100 Ira Lee Lane

San Antonio TX78218

Fire: The sun is fuel/photosynthesis, calories


Nancy Cavender Garcia, Photographer

Naturalist Patty Pasztor

San Antonio, TX78209

Beneficial Fire


Justin Vasquez, Photographer

Naturalist Paul Cox


10750 Pleasanton Rd.

San Antonio, TX78221

Water…Some Call it Home


Nancy Cavender Garcia, Photographer

Naturalists from the City Parks System.

Air…Nature’s Transportation


San Antonio, TX78204

Portfolio Preparation


The Picture Your World Youth Photography Project is made possible through the generous support of H-E-B, the San Antonio Express-News, USAA Federal Savings Bank and the Boeing Corporation.


*Fees may be waived for students demonstrating financial need. To apply for a waiver, submit a note from a teacher or other authority who can attest to the student’s financial status.


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