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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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I Have A Dream Houston Shutdown
Press Release

May, 2009

This letter saddened us very much....


I Have A Dream Houston Shutdown

May 11, 2009


Dear Dreamer Families, Volunteers and Friends,
It is with enormous sadness that we must inform you that, as a result of the collapse of merger discussions with a potential partner and a lack of other viable strategic alternatives, the Board of Directors of IHAD-Houston voted to cease all programming and shut the doors of this organization on May 15th.
We had negotiated a non-binding Letter of Intent to merge our operation into a larger Houston area nonprofit agency effective July 1.  This combination would have permitted us to continue operations into the next school year.  However, we recently learned that our merger partner had withdrawn from the agreement, citing growing concerns over its ability to cover the funding of the IHAD-Houston program in FY2009/10. 
Sadly, without the merger, and in this difficult financial environment, there is no reasonable expectation that the organization can attract the funding necessary to continue programming into the next school year.  Accordingly, the only prudent option is to cease operations and begin working with other agencies and organizations to outplace our Dreamers.  Our staff is currently working on identifying program alternatives for each of our Dreamers, and we hope to establish a collaboration to oversee IHAD-Houston's tuition assistance program.
Our Board and staff are heartbroken at this outcome, which we worked very hard to prevent.  The fact that many other nonprofits are also likely to fail in 2009 due to "hard times" is little consolation.  We know that our Dreamers, their families and our volunteers invested an enormous amount of themselves into this organization, and we are mindful of the pain that is caused by this news.  We assure you that we will do all we can in the coming weeks to help our Dreamers find other programs to make up for this loss.  Let us know if we can answer any questions.
The I Have a Dream - Houston Board of Directors




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