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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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$600,000 grant goes to help animals
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May, 2009

An anonymous donor has come forward to keep San Antonio’s mission of creating a no kill community alive.

The OwnUp SA Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation announced today
they received a $600,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor to provide a
significant boost to San Antonio’s low cost sterilization programs.

OwnUp SA will receive $200,000 a year over the next three years, which will be
granted to local spay/neuter programs to increase overall low-cost sterilizations in Bexar ounty, as phase one of a grantmaking process.

As the seventh-largest city in the United States, San Antonio had the highest
euthanasia rate per capita in the country just three years ago. “We have made some
progress, but not enough,” says Peter Holt, President of Spurs Sports and Entertainment nd Corporate Chair for OwnUp SA.

Currently, San Antonio has the capacity to provide 51,000 sterilizations for pets
annually, “but this number is not enough to slow the pace of homeless dogs and cats
entering area shelters,” adds Holt. “Our goal is to increase our spay/neuter capacity to 100,000 sterilizations annually by 2012 and we believe this challenge grant serves as a strong catalyst and incentive for other potential funders to get on board to help us Increase that capacity.”

The OwnUp SA Consortium of Partners was established in 2007, with the purpose
of overseeing implementation of the San Antonio Animal Care Services Strategic Plan.
The Consortium consists of volunteers who represent a broad cross-section of the
community and have agreed to work together to reduce and, hopefully someday
eliminate, the pet overpopulation problem in San Antonio.

As a result of these collaborative relationships, OwnUp SA reports there has been
a 44 percent increase in the number of dogs and cats adopted into San Antonio homes and a 12,000 increase in surgeries at the four low-cost spay/neuter providers. Over 9,000 of these were free to low income citizens.

To support this effort, the Area Foundation has awarded over $300,000 for
spay/neuter services and now looks forward to providing an additional $200,000 in grants in year one through the OwnUp SA Fund. Nonprofit agencies offering spay/neuter services in Bexar County are encouraged to apply for additional monies from OwnUp SA, which are now available through the $600,000 grant.
As part of this challenge grant, OwnUp SA is asking individuals, corporations,
and other foundations to donate to the OwnUp SA program to further San Antonio’s
efforts to create a no kill community.

To get involved or make a donation, visit and click on “Donate
Now” or call the San Antonio Area Foundation at 210-242-4711.

About the San Antonio Area Foundation
The San Antonio Area Foundation aspires to significantly enhance the quality of
life of our community by providing outstanding service to donors, producing significant
asset growth, strengthening community collaboration and managing an exemplary grants program. For almost 45 years, it has successfully administered funds from individuals, agencies, corporations and other who contribute or bequeath assets for the betterment of the community.


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