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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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The Newest IEAS Residents Move to Their New Homes!
Press Release

March, 2009

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 32, March 03, 2009

The Newest IEAS Residents Move to Their New Homes!

ZippyZippy, a female Bengal tiger, arrived at the Sanctuary back in October 2008. Zippy had been left abandoned by her owner in a locked enclosure during a devastating storm, Hurricane Ike. Amazingly, she was able to survive. Zippy has now moved out of our Quarantine facility and into her new habitat, and she is enjoying every minute of it! Zippy's new home has everything that she needs to keep her happy and healthy for the rest of her life. She has a house for shelter, grass to roll around in, perches to lounge on, toys to play with, and a large swimming pool with a waterfall to cool off in once summer comes. Zippy is the first cat that you will see on your tour at IEAS, and she will usually greet you with a chuff! Once again we would like to thank the Tony Stewart Foundation and all of the caring individuals who have supported Zippy and have helped to make all of this possible!

Winter Den Dakar MeyoteMany of you will remember the little bobcat who was found locked in a crate outside of the perimeter gate of IEAS. She had been abandoned by her owners and left outside all night in freezing temperatures back in the beginning of January. Nakita, as we now call this little bobcat, has also moved to her new, permanent home. She now lives in a spacious, naturalistic habitat complete with grass, trees, perches, toys and houses. Nakita is quite the curious cat. She loves to climb the trees and lie on her highest perch so that she can see everything that is going on around her. She enjoys playing with her toys, especially her tennis ball! We would like to thank all of you who generously provided support for Nakita! Your caring gifts made it possible for us to provide this amazing animal not only with a home, but with the highest quality of life that we can possibly give her. Thank you all so much for your generosity!

March Birthdays

Dakota Dakota

Male Cougar
Born: March 1, 1992
Rescued: December 1993

Dakota will be 17 years old this month. Dakota is a very talkative cougar. He often greets his visitors with his little "meow" or a purr. He likes to lie by the fence next to his visitors and fall asleep. As the weather gets warmer, Dakota will be spending most of his time cooling off in his cave during the day. You can learn more about Dakota!


Zanzibar Zanzibar

Male African Leopard
Born: March 4, 1989
Rescued: December 1990

Zanzibar will be 20 years old this month! He is the oldest leopard at the Sanctuary. Due to abuse in his past, Zanzibar can be extremely distrustful of humans. Over the years, he has come to trust some of the IEAS staff and volunteers and he will actually come over to the fence to visit with people he likes. Zanzi is still very playful, even at his age. You will often find him playing with his favorite toy, his hanging tire.


Domino Domino

Male Jaguar
Born: March 7, 1993
Rescued: May 1993

Domino will be 16 years old this month. Domino has had an exciting year! He has lots of new neighbors! Chrissy and Tricia, two bobcats have moved in across the road. Zippy, a female tiger, also moved in next door. Domino likes to lie on his perch and watch his new neighbors now. You can learn more about Domino here.


Gedi Gedi

Female Lion
Born: March 17, 1992
Rescued: June 1992

Gedi will be 17 years old this month. Gedi is a very playful lion. She sometimes gets very excited when people she likes come to visit her by the fence. She will roll around playfully in the grass for a little while and then come over and lie down and rest by the fence. Look for Gedi on your tour either lying and resting on her perch or playing in her tire.


Ron Ron

Male Lion
Born: March 19, 1995
Rescued: March 1996

Ron will be 14 years old this month. Ron is just like most of us here at IEAS. He just doesn't really like the winter! Ron can get a bit cranky during the colder months...and like us, he can't wait for spring to come! When the weather starts to warm up, you will see Ron's attitude begin to change. He becomes very sweet, and loves to lay outside on his perch and watch everything that goes on around him.


NDito N'Dito

Female Cougar
Born: March 27, 1994
Rescued: April 1994

N'Dito will be 15 years old this month. N'Dito is extremely watchful and has very strong, natural predatory tendencies. You will tend to find her stalking you if you are not watching her very closely. She carefully watches everything that goes on around her. You can learn more about N'Dito here.


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