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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Lawndale Art Center Newsletter: Exhibitions Opened Last Friday!
Press Release

January, 2009

Now Through February 28, 2009

In the space of absence | Kathy Kelley
John M. O'Quinn Gallery

“This project is composed of a series of visual explorations toying with the ideas of continuous consumption, the stunting of growth via unending wanting, the never ending suckling of consumer goods without fulfillment, in conjunction with some of Melanie Klein's object relations theory on personality development, envy and gratitude or lack thereof, her referencing of the experience of breast feeding as being determinant in much about who a person becomes (old theory coming on the heals of Freud but interesting). The work is a visceral response to this dissection of the incessant wanting of consumer culture on the self with each element becoming referential of the shadow self.” – Kathy Kelley
Artist's website


found sound (Public Music Reconnaissance) | Patrick Renner
Mezzanine Gallery

Patrick Renner will present an installation consisting of found telephone poles with attached sound-harvesting devices. These mechanisms, based on the function of the standard music box, will be activated by all the leftover nails, staples, and hardware used to hang public notices of garage sales, lost pets, property listings, et al. The random melody the devices produce is the reinterpretation of imbedded information that we see all the time as we pass through the urban landscape.


Highway 71 Revisited | Barry Stone
Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

Highway 71 Revisited is ongoing and multifaceted project. The series includes photographs of Stone's family, strangers under highways, fake flowers, abstracted galaxies made from flour, field recordings and collage. Through the juxtaposition of many different kinds of imagery and methodologies, Stone creates a malleable language depicting a sense of place, and the artist's place within it. Stone's goal is not to coolly document the margins of highway culture, but rather to bring a personal and poetic point of view. In this way his picture-making builds a symbolic system, a framework for the perception of the world or a meditation on a set of ideas.
Artist's website

To download the audio file that accompanies the exhibition to your mp3 player, please visit ( Headsets are also available in the gallery.


Battle Play Set | Aram Nagle
Project Space

Aram Nagle transforms the Project Space into a jungle-gym-battle-ground-parody of the Iraq War. Creating child size toy army men and Iraqi insurgent weeble wobble soldiers, Nagle constructs an interactive diorama depicting a slice of life for the men and women of all nationalities in Iraq. The subject matter's seriousness is accentuated by portraying it in innocent, child like and pop imagery.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

Vote for Lawndale in Click2HoustonsBest Guide

KPRC Local 2 invites viewers to go to to vote for their favorite local businesses. Voting runs from January 5 - February 27. Winners in each category will be announced the week of March 9th.

Save the Date

Empty Bowls Houston
March 21, 2009
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Lawndale Art Center

Empty Bowls Houston is a unique lunch event and fundraiser that brings together the arts and crafts community to fight hunger in our area and benefits the Houston Food Bank. For a minimum donation, guests enjoy a simple lunch and select a bowl from hundreds of one-of-a-kind; hand-crafted bowls donated by Houston area ceramicists and craft artists. The event will be held again this year at two neighboring facilities: the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft at 4848 Main Street, and Lawndale Art Center at 4912 Main Street.

For tickets, go to


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