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Friday, January 19, 2018

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[IEAS] Abandoned Bobcat
Press Release

January, 2009

This was what the IEAS staff found sitting outside of the perimeter gate on Sunday morning, January 4, 2009.  IEAS interns arrive to work well before daylight.  One of the interns went to open the gate, just like she would any other day when she discovered this crate.  She informed a keeper that there was some sort of crate outside that she thought may have a cat in it.  IEAS staff went outside with a flashlight and confirmed that there was indeed a cat inside the crate.  Someone had decided to lock a bobcat up in a crate and dump her in the road in the middle of the night in the freezing cold weather.  It took the staff about an hour to get the poor bobcat out of the crate because of the way it was constructed.  It had in place a slide gate that did not work.  The only way to get the cat out of the crate was to unscrew it and disassemble it.  All of the screws were stripped and broken, making this an impossible task.   Finally, our only option was to break the boards to let the cat out.  Frightened and in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, the bobcat took shelter in the house of a quarantine area of IEAS.  

We don't really have a place for this cat to go, however the IEAS staff is now working to convert our one empty habitat so that it will have everything that she will need to stay happy and healthy for the rest of her life.  If you would like to help the care for this abandoned feline, please donate today.  Your gift will help to cover the costs of habitat modification, food, dietary supplements, and enrichment items for this amazing animal.  You will help to ensure that she will have the absolute highest quality of life that we can possibly give her.  We thank you for caring.

George, Wendy, Willie & Papa Bear
Grizzly Bears
Born:  January 6, 2006
Rescued:  July  11, 2007

These four siblings are 3 years old this month.  George, Wendy, Willie and Papa now live in Bear Manor where they are enjoying life together.  The bears have really slowed down this winter.  Even though they have six caves in their habitat, they all like to climb into one cave to sleep.  We only see the bears come out on the very nice days that we have had.  Otherwise, they just stay snuggled in their cave sleeping together.  Click here to see more pictures of the grizzly bears.

Dakar & Meyote
American Black Bears
Born:  January 21, 2007
Rescued:  August 27, 2007

Dakar and Meyote will be 2 years old this month.  After being orphaned when their mother was shot back in 2007, these two siblings were transferred to IEAS.  Dakar and Meyote now live in Bear Orphanage:  a five-acre natural habitat constructed here at IEAS.  These bears are living in a natural environment, complete with forest and meadow areas, den sites, and a pond.  They have everything that they need to keep them happy and healthy.

Luna & Raja
Born:  January 21, 2002
Rescued:  June 28, 2007

After living in the bedroom of an apartment for their whole lives, Luna and Raja were rescued after their owner passed away.  When Luna and Raja first arrived at IEAS, they could barely walk without stumbling because of the poor diet they had.  They couldn't run without falling over and they were not able to get up on the perches of the habitat.  We had to build a ramp so that they would be able to use them.  Now that Luna and Raja have been on a proper diet, their health has drastically improved.  They can run around and jump up and down from their perches without falling down.  We are so glad to see such a major improvement in these cats in the short time that they have been here.   

Female Lion
Born:  January 22, 1993
Rescued:  September 1994

Shauna will be 16 years old this month!  Shauna is one of three female lions here at the Sanctuary.  She has a very unique personality.  She loves when people she likes come to sit with her by her habitat.  She will usually come over and rub on the fence, and then lie down close by and go to sleep.  Visit IEAS today so that you can see Shauna!

Male Lion
Born:  January 24, 1996
Rescued:  May 1, 1996

Kuru will be 13 years old this month!  Kuru lives with his female lion friend, Nala.  Nala and Kuru know how to stay warm in the winter.  On really cold days, Kuru will tuck Nala away in the house while he lies next to her to stay warm.  If you come out to visit on a nice, sunny day, you will usually find Nala and Kuru lying together on their perch or relaxing in the grass.  Click here to learn more about Kuru.


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