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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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2009: New Hope for Our Companion Animals
Press Release

January, 2009

New Year Brings New Opportunities to Make a Difference

2009: A New Hope for Our Companion Animals
A new year is dawning, and with it our nation moves into a new era. We face serious challenges that have been building for decades. Among these is the tragedy of animal overpopulation. Shelters in Houston and San Antonio euthanize healthy and adorable dogs and cats every day simply because homes cannot be found for all of them. Adoption is helpful, but it is not the answer. The best approach is to address the source of the problem. Spaying and neutering does that by preventing unwanted animals from being born.

If we believe that the deaths of tens of thousands of animals in our shelters each year is unacceptable, it is up to us to make it stop. If we want no-kill cities, we must begin by ending unwanted births. SNAP is an engine of change that stands ready to spay and neuter dogs and cats in Houston, San Antonio, and surrounding areas, but it cannot run on its own. It requires your participation. If you care about homeless dogs and cats, now is the time to act.

Your support is critical to accomplishing our mission. When you
donate to SNAP, it enables us to provide spay-neuter services to the communities that need it most. We also provide vaccinations against deadly diseases for healthy animals, including rabies. Reducing the number of unwanted animals born and safeguarding the health of those that are wanted is the path to a future with no homeless animals.

If your commitment to animals exceeds that of the average person, you may wish to consider joining the
SNAP Spayed Club. This club is comprised of donors for whom giving is an ongoing activity. You will find membership both satisfying and convenient. Just select an amount that is comfortable for you to give either monthly or quarterly. Then experience the great feeling that comes when you know you're helping animals on an ongoing basis -- and in a way that is easy for you. Click the Learn More button below to find out more about the Spayed Club.

Click to donate!

Click to learn more about Spayed Club.

If the Spayed Club is not right for you, please don't think a one-time donation won't help. Every gift is important in the fight against animal overpopulation, and we could not accomplish our mission without the help of every donor. Either way, you will be stepping up to the challenge to make this world a better place.


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