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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Why do we love Greenlights?
Press Release

December, 2008

65% ...That's the percentage of the cost of Greenlights' services that are covered by the fees we charge.  Just like our fellow non-profit organizations, Greenlights must rely on the generosity of donors to contribute the remaining 35% to keep our fees accessible to nonprofits, their staff and boards. 
Each year Greenlights helps nonprofit professionals and volunteers to be more effective in their work, find great boards to sit on, put strategic plans in place and much more.  If you or your organization has benefited from Greenlights' services (be they consulting, financial management, professional development, board matching, free advice and resources, and more), you know their value.  You understand the critical role that high-performing nonprofits play in strengthening our community. 
Please invest in the health and efficacy of our community by making a generous contribution to Greenlights today. 
As a Greenlights' donor, you can provide us with the resources we need to expand our reach in 2009 by helping us to:  
  • Develop new tools and services to meet the ever-changing needs of Central Texas nonprofits.
  • Purchase books, surveys, and other resources for use by the community.
  • Provide over 500 hours of expert guidance and advice free of charge.
  • Provide 60 scholarships to our workshops and conferences, thereby enabling those nonprofit staff and volunteers who need our training the most to benefit.
Please help us prepare for the year ahead, when the need for our services will undoubtedly be even greater.  You will enable Greenlights to serve even more organizations that are making a difference in Central Texas, regardless of their size and financial means.  Make a gift now. 
Thank you in advance for your support!  Together we will help those who do good to do even better.


Rob Bridges
Greenlights Board Chair


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