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Monday, January 22, 2018

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The Learning About Learning Conference Launches an All-New Website Focused on Highlighting Education Programs That Work

July, 2008

Learning About Learning (LAL), known for its annual conference highlighting well known and successful educators and their successful education programs, today unveiled it’s new  The new website showcases the speakers, their programs and videos of their talks.

Understanding the need for change in education is apparent, but simply understanding via presentation tables of numbers and dry theoretical methods of communication to summarize the problems won't necessarily change education performance over the long run. The key to true commitment, sustainable change and performance improvement comes when people make a personal connection to the matter at hand...a connection that helps them discover the role they can play in the success of an important journey.  When these two journey's are aligned, when the connection is made based on reason and on an emotional level, we see a significant rise in energy, enthusiasm, and the generation of ideas. Change is embraced. Bystanders become champions. Real stories of successful programs give new insight and bring strategic messages to these stakeholders full of compelling facts and proof points that will help people learn, absorb, remember, and share information and ideas.

“We believe that education is a cornerstone for transforming society”, said Jacqueline Beretta, CEO of the Social Responsibility Corporation. “Learning About Learning stimulates us by presenting new solutions and ideas for Education with a creative and engaging flair. At our conferences and on our website we introduce successful programs from across the country ….making education exciting to talk about.”   

LAL is a project of the Social Responsibility Corporation, a nonprofit whose mission is to share successful ideas in education across the country.

“We have great programs that are working”, said Alice Beretta, CIO of the Social Responsibility Corporation.  “It’s time to move our thinking process from a pointing fingers mindset to explore and understand what’s working so universities and school systems can adopt existing projects that have proven track records or those under development. We know what’s wrong.  Let’s find out what’s right.”

The new features:

• Free site access for everyone worldwide

• More than 18 full-length LAL conference talks and videos from invitee organizations on different topics of education

• The ability to search for education programs and ideas by theme including 19 titles from parenting and community development to student retention to internships and job shadowing.

• Speakers are those presented at LAL annual conferences include Dr, Mike Moses, Dr. N. Gerry House, Gillian Willians, Dr. Tracy Huebner, and Tom Luce.

• Detailed talk summaries and speaker biographies provide more context around each talk. Talks are added as speakers are invited to LAL conferences each year.


About LAL

The more educated a population, the more competitive they are in this global society.  This concern led us to design the Learning About Learning Conferences to provide unique platforms to address the challenges of education today.  A good education is a critical component of economic vitality and is necessary to meet the needs of the workplace of today and tomorrow.  An effective education system is crucial not only in building and in maintaining strong communities, but also in building a strong future for the United States.  Tomorrows high potential industries continue to require an educated workforce. We believe there is power in convening positive and creative change makers to inform and stimulate new dialogue and new ideas about programs sprouting up around the country that work.

LAL held it's first conference in San Antonio in 2007. The second conference was held in San Antonio in 2008. In 2009 LAL will hold two conferences in San Antonio (Preparing your students to join a globally competitive  workforce - detail to come soon) and Dallas (Zero to Five).


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