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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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The ability to define success brings more investors to your nonprofit
Jacqueline Beretta

May, 2008

What are the chances you will be funded by an “investor” and once you are, what is the process to improve philanthropy outcomes and defining your success?

Funders want to know what their return is on any given grant, and more and more governmental agencies are asking these questions. Both funders and nonprofit agencies are seeking to know what impact they are having, and ultimately, who is benefiting and how they are benefiting. Outcome thinking is becoming increasingly important.

In its quest to be the best online resource for Texas nonprofits organizations, TexasNonprofits is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with The Rensselaerville Institute (TRI). The Institute will serve as the Outcome Resource to TXNP members, subscribers and visitors by offering fresh and relevant information through the website at TXNP Outcomes Resource Center TRI has a well-established and highly respected reputation for outcome thinking and organizational achievement.

Dubbed the “Think Tank with Muddy Boots” by The Wall Street Journal, the Rensselaerville Institute is a nonprofit organization that helps foundations and nonprofit organizations focus on results and how to achieve them.

TRI President Hal Williams wrote the book Outcome Funding…A Targeted Approach to Grantmaking that helped pioneer the innovative results approach in 1991. Since then, the nonprofit educational institution has assisted organizations large and small across the U.S. and in England.

The diversity of the work of the Institute reflects a history of self-help programs for small towns; to a School Turnaround program that offers a money-back guarantee to help failing schools reach academic achievement.

TXNP members will have access to some of their most popular publications and workshops, including those that are tailored to funders (Funder as Investor) and nonprofit “implementers.”

Mr. Williams noted the mutual interest of both groups, “What is the most important goal, which foundations and nonprofits share? Improvement in human lives. This new resource will speak to the changes needed for those who give and those who get money to best connect and achieve that result.”

One example he cited reflects the need for an outcome perspective: “In traditional funding, there may be more interaction on getting the proposal right than getting the project to success.”

The Rensselaerville Institute recently appointed Maggie McCarthy as Director of Southwest Programs. In this position, she is available to help TXNP members implement outcome strategies and use the Institute’s services. She previously worked in foundation management for sixteen years and serves on numerous nonprofit boards.

Visit the TXNP - TRI Outcome Resource Center for more information. provides data that facilitates connections between nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations, major philanthropic corporations and individuals in the state of Texas. The portal has had more than 225,000 unique visitors to the site in the last three and a half years with more than 7,000 subscribers.

About The Rensselaerville Institute

The Rensselaerville Institute -- the "Think Tank with Muddy Boots" --a place to help define, achieve and verify improvements in people’s lives.

Founded in 1963, an independent nonprofit organization headquartered in Upstate New York with 75 employees and field operations in the United States and England, our mission is to:


  • Support foundations, governments and individual donors to invest in social programs with the same rigor as investors seeking financial return.
  • Show nonprofit and community organizations how to set and track targets to achieve significant gains for those served.
  • Be the first to take our own advice, by putting our tools and approaches into full use as in our Signature Program called School Turnaround ®, which dramatically improves low performing schools.
  • Support clients on site or in Rensselaerville at our residential learning center where 10,000 people a year attend meetings that matter.


The Rensselaerville Institute

New York Office

Huyck Road

Rensselaerville, New York 12147

Phone: 518.797.3783

Fax: 518.797.5270


Texas Office

Maggie McCarthy, Director Southwest Programs

Phone: 254.744.4162



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