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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Marketing your org, fundraising with pennies, true prosperity, Insight from Amy Phipps, National Kidney Foundation walk.....and some thoughts from Amy Phipps of the Zachry Foundation
Jacqueline Beretta

October, 2007

As social organizations we work tirelessly to try to solve the ills of society, while helping others less fortunate gain more prosperity. What is true prosperity? How do we find it?  And how do we teach others to find it?  With great pressure on nonprofits to succeed, complete their mission, find funding, manage staff…it can be overwhelming and sometimes we might question our role in the heat of exhaustion. At times like this we forget the most important thing we must remember for ourselves and teach those we serve. We forget to be grateful for all that we have been given and we forget to see all the wonderful gifts we have been given.

True prosperity is a state of mind.  True prosperity unveils itself to those who decide to listen to and nurture their souls, their bodies, and their spirits. It comes to those who are intuitive and learn to listen to their inner voice which will (if heeded) lead them down the right path.  It comes to those who live with the positive thought and balance that is necessary to fulfill their lives.

Prosperity is all around us - libraries full of great works, museums filled with magnificent pieces of art, zoos with rare and beautiful animals, parks filled with families enjoying picnics…..the list goes on and on. So much of our prosperity in this country is available for free for everyone to enjoy.  If you are well traveled, you know there is no other country so free as ours.

Start working (for yourself and for those you serve) to create prosperity. It is just as easy as changing the way you look at things - you can do it in a snap second. Start out by feeling grateful and giving thanks for all you have, for both spiritual and material prosperity. And remember, it is good and acceptable to both give and receive all the bountiful things around us. Now go and experience joy! It is right there all around you if you just try to feel it, enhale it, touch it - enjoy it.

Marketing for nonprofits - creating buzz from good results. Today it's more about stimulating curiosity through consistency, good results, and excellence in programing. But even more, it's about eloquently presenting and delivering success to funders.

It's about giving them exactly what they hoped for or if results are different than expected, explaining why these new results are important as well.

The team, the enthusiasm, the process and strategy, the potential......look at philanthropy as if a contribution is an investment. Can you give back book value or deliver a profit? Are you a healthy organization? Resilient, united in a common goal, quick to move and yet sure footed, all the while delivering results....whatever they may be. Successful nonprofits are driven and focused on their mission.

One of the nicest people in philanthropy is Amy Phipps, ED of San Antonio's Zachry Foundation....last week she thoughtfully talked about the importance of collaboration among groups who provide "like" or similar programs....she added that meeting with your peers to talk about goals and ideas is critical to making sure that a community all moves together in the same direction. Organizations supporting organizations to meet their mission.

The National Kidney Foundation is hosting a walk on October 20, 2007 in Mission County Park in San Antonio to help fight kidney disease in central and south Texas....what could be a more beautiful walk? Check it out at

Fundraising with pennies: Barbara Davis and Professor Eric Knowles studied door to door sales of note careds for charity. the group offered 8 cards for $3 and had a 40% success rate. But when they changed their approach to sell 8 cards for 300 pennies, 80% of the people bouhht them - they thought they were a bargain!


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