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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Keeping the Eye on the Ball
Jacqueline Beretta

September, 2007

The Arts & Economic Impact Study by Americans for the Arts – Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity every year—$63.1 billion in spending by organizations and an additional $103.1 billion in event-related spending by their audiences.

3 Cities in Texas participated in the study:      




Organization Expenditures +

Audience Expenditures = 

Total Expenditures



















The total tally adds up to show that Austin spends the most per person for the arts at $393 per person, while Houston comes in second at $310 per person, and Abilene comes in last at $155 per person.

National results include the following stats:    The $166.2 billion in total economic activity has a significant national impact, generating the following:

  • 5.7 million full-time equivalent jobs
  • $104.2 billion in household income
  • $7.9 billion in local government tax revenues
  • $9.1 billion in state government tax revenues
  • $12.6 billion in federal income tax revenues

Check out more at Americas for the Arts.

As a former victim … I’m for this one!  As Congress and federal regulators consider proposals aimed at reducing the risk of identity theft, a national poll by the Consumer Reports National Research Center reveals that an overwhelming majority of Americans want lawmakers to restrict the use and availability of Social Security numbers by businesses and government agencies.

It appears that 89% of consumers have been asked in the past year to provide their Social Security number in whole or in part by a business or government agency. And it appears they have no need to ask such personal information.

“There are an estimated 10 million cases of identity theft every year," said Jeannine Kenney, Senior Policy Analyst with Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports. Go look at the results of the poll at Consumers Union.

The days of lost children, wandering elderly with dementia, and trapped firefighters may soon be a thing of the past, with tremendous ramifications for society.  It’s called a Radar Responsive Tag and it is made by Gentag….but don’t worry – they are not embedding this device under the skin…but the technology can be overlaid with the current cell-phone infrastructure or be stand-alone, can be incorporated in cell phones, or could even be embedded in clothes or high-value items.


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