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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Praising loudly and blaming no one…..
Jacqueline Beretta

August, 2007

Time Magazine's John Cloud wrote an interesting article about the kids we are neglecting in our school reform...the super smart kids who will create our tomorrow. Check it out at  Time. Every other country in the world nurtures their high-IQ Cloud suggests...let's cultivate our gifts.

The Council of Foundations to partner with Senator Max Baucus to revitalize rural America. The Council on Foundations, The Montana Community Foundation and The Northwest Area Foundation, in partnership with U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), today kicked-off a “first of its kind” rural philanthropy summit in Missoula, Montana, “Creating the 21st Century Agenda for Philanthropy and Rural America.”

Starting out in Montana, agenda highlights include an overview of the status on areas such as health care, economic development, environment and natural resources. Philanthropic leaders will also examine the state of rural philanthropy by identifying challenges and discussing the latest research, best practices and success stories from the field, all of which assist in developing a plan that will guide philanthropic giving to rural areas.

Let's invite them to Texas next.....perhaps a summit in Big Bend? Check out what they did in Montana at Creating the 21st Century Agenda for Philanthropy in Rural America. Which University can step up first?

I love this old tale- it's always so new

Two brothers endured a terrible and abusive childhood. Each went through hell, but came out with two different outlooks. 

One became a successful leader in his community, a businessman with a lovely wife and family, while the other became a failure as a bitter and angry alcoholic whose family forgot him. How did it happen that these two who grew up side by side ended up so differently? 

Later in life, the brothers were asked the same question:  How did you end up where you are, given your abusive childhood? 

Both brothers responded identically:  “Given my abusive childhood, how could I have become anything else?”  Let’s look closely at the brothers. 

The first brother says bring it on! Can you just see him waking up every morning thrilled at the thought of a new day full of exciting challenges? The first thing he does every morning is give thanks for the all the great people and things in his life, which ultimately ends up causing him to break into a big smile and start this incredible positive vibration that every single person around him will feel all day long.  He then concentrates on what he wants to create that day.  And so…..this simple act of sets the tone for his day. 

He lives in the buzz of this positive vibration sending good feelings into the world with a big smile on his face.  He is appreciative of the people, partners and events that surround his life and shows them graciousness and kindness all day – he looks at them respectfully as teachers and colleagues. Although there are thousands of negatives surrounding him, he chooses to look past them giving them no energy and instead focuses on the positives instead.  And so, the law of attraction will insure that he draws the same goodness back to him that he throws out – almost like a boomerang.  

The second brother is quick to say it’s not fair – unconsciously and yet deliberately creating a negative condition. It’s so sad to see this man wake up every morning fearful of what horrible nightmare might happen to him next, experiencing a constant level of high anxiety inflicts havoc to his entire being. It’s everyone’s fault but his own that he ended up here in this living hell. He easily finds an excuse for every problem he has, and concentrates on what he doesn’t want which gives those things great power. And as the boomerang is thrown, so it returns – full of one catastrophe after another. 

So goes the law of attraction and the way we look at everything in our lives.

When we in the 3rd sector, act as change makers (because that’s what we are), decide to wake up every morning and live to be the example of  what world we are trying to create, can you imagine the positive changes that we might see around us?  A simple smile, an acknowledgement, a thank you. When we become the living example of community, while teaching all those around us to reject fear and anger while embracing and focusing on what we do want - praising loudly (and blaming no one).


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