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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Job Descriptions for Board Members
Jacqueline Beretta

July, 2005

You walk into your first meeting of the Board, sit down, and find yourself wondering what you are doing there. Have you ever found yourself on a Board without clearly knowing what your role is? What responsibilities do you have as a Chair, secretary, or even just as a member of the Board? Or - you may be forming a new organization and need a little help setting out defined roles for your members...

The following job descriptions are designed to assist in developing roles for your Board members.

Board Chair
  • Leads the Board of Directors by setting policies and developing agendas for the organization.
  • Acts as the main representative for the organization, speaking on behalf of the organization.
  • Works closely with the Chief Executive in carrying out objectives and reviewing issues that concern the Board.
  • Supervises the organization's financial standing and leads fundraising efforts.
  • Is responsible for appointing committee chairpersons.
  • Serves as an evaluator of the organization's success in completing its mission.
Vice Chair
  • Performs the duties of a committee member and is often assigned the responsibility of a certain area, such as a fundraiser or membership drive.
  • Acts as a leader of the organization by carrying out the responsibilities of the Chair when this officer is not available.
  • Works closely with the Board Chair, reporting directly to him or her.
  • Serves as a communication link between the committee chair s and other staff members.
  • Assists in the development of the roles of other officers.
Committee Chair
  • Develops a plan for the committee to follow and oversees the implementation of this plan.
  • Distributes the necessary information to members of the committee, enabling them to adequately perform their jobs.
  • Heads committee meetings and reports findings to the Board Chair.
  • Is responsible for leading the annual evaluation of the committee.

Board Secretary
  • Takes minutes of Board meetings and distributes them to all members upon completion of the meeting.
  • Ensures that meeting minutes are kept filed for future reference.
  • Manages the records of the organization and Board of Directors.
Board Treasurer
  • Works to develop an annual budget along with financial policies and procedures for the Board member's approval.
  • Manages all financial matters for the organization.
  • Serves as head of the Finance Committee, which ensures proper managing of cash and investments.
  • Ensures that financial reports are compiled and distributed to the Board.
  • Regularly reports to the Board on the financial stability of the organization.
Member of the Board
  • Diligently attend Board meetings equipped with information on past meetings and Board concerns.
  • Acts as a volunteer in Board activities, accepting and completing assignments issued.
  • Works closely with other Board members establishing working relationships.
  • Commits seriously to the work of the organization as a whole and the committee assigned.


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