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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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5 steps that will make a big difference right now
Jacqueline Beretta

June, 2007

Connecting, collaborating, communicating, inter-networking, and focusing - all critical ingredients for a nonprofits success. Here is a small outline for you to ponder this week.

Step I - Help people connect to you

  • See It – Invite potential stakeholders to make site visits - invite funders,  your board, community leaders, and politicians to see what and who your organization is in actuality.
    • Benefit – You will make the situation real by presenting your story. It is so easy for one segment of a community to be oblivious to an issue in another segment
  • Document It – collect information, statistics, and photographs to help emphasize your point
    • Benefit - present information and archival systems to provide the clarity needed to see the reality of life in your community
  • Present It – hold educational events to teach us about our community
    • Benefit - Educating your constituency expands awareness and therefore the possibility of a wider contribution base

Step II – Collaborate

  • Understand Community Needs – Based on the facts gathered in Step I, conduct a community planning session to identify the 3 top critical issues you need to address
    • Benefit – By identifying the top three issues in order, you can begin to allocate resources more appropriately in your community
  • Assemble the Key Planners – Include top leaders and citizens of the community to convene for this planning session. After facts are presented an unbiased interpreter will need to assist
    • Benefit – You are creating collective community wisdom that is based on facts – so that all are coming from the same place
  • Eliminate duplication and fill in gaps – Many communities suffer from a lack of understanding about what is going on. Sometimes several nonprofits are addresing the same problems and issues, while other critical isues go unmet. Collaboration can help ease this dilemma
    • Benefit – Create greater value and less waste of resources. Have a greater chance of raising funds.

Step III – Communicate

  • Collect Compelling Stories – Relate the stories of your organization’s cause. Connect to our emotions so that we feel and become empathetic with your goals.
    • Benefit – Creating an emotional bond can transcend boundaries.
  • Find Good Writers to Convey Your Story – find writers that know how
    write as they talk in normal conversation.
    • Benefit – Good writers can engage your constituency.
  • Use TXNP to Tell Your Story – What we love to do more than anything is tell stories of people taking care of others (and that means other people, animals, the land and our resources, etc.) in this fine state.
    • Benefit – Beautiful stories are read every day at TXNP – by foundations, corporations, individual donors, and government entities.

Step IV – Inter-Network

  • Learn and Implement Internet Technology – A big step but one you will glad you did.
    • Benefit – The ease of updating your information so that is available at a moments notice to your audience.
    • Benefit - Increase awareness, audience, and potential for donation.
  • Use the Internet – communicate, and learn via the Internet.
    • Benefit - You will be amazed at how much wealth there is to learn through the Internet.

Step V – Focus

  • Remember why you exist – Stay true to your mission.
  • Stay on point – focus on your mission – you are there for no other reason.
  • Take Action – keep doing the main thing you are intended to do
    • Benefit – You will achieve your purpose.


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