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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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The ComputED Gazette

April, 2017

ComputED Gazette named Istation, a comprehensive e-learning program, as the 2017 winner of the Multi-Level, Multi-Subject Best Educational Software Award (BESSIE).

"Istation is thrilled to be acknowledged for the fifth consecutive year by ComputED Gazette," said Richard Collins, Istation Chairman and CEO. "It is fantastic to be awarded across levels and across subjects! Our goal is to transform the lives of pre-K to 12th grade students through our instructional technologies and diagnostic tools. We are appreciative to ComputED Gazette for this award."

Now in their 23rd year, the ComputED Gazette's BESSIE Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. Submissions are judged on academic content, technical merit, and subject approach and system management. Istation also received three BESSIE awards in 2016. The program was chosen as the winner for Early Learning Reading, Early Elementary Reading Skills, and Multi-Level Reading Skills.

Istation has become a leading provider of richly animated, game-like computer-adaptive assessments that effectively engage students in such a way that they do not feel pressured or insecure. Along with its highly interactive digital curriculum, Istation provides a plethora of resources and lessons for teachers to access, drastically reducing the amount of time they need to dedicate for lesson plans. Teachers can monitor student performance during assessment periods to ensure result reliability, and with Istation at home parents can monitor performance and get involved with instruction paths.

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About Istation

Since its founding in 1998, Dallas-based Istation has seen tremendous growth. The company's animated program is now helping students in 44 states and four countries learn and grow. Istation is an award-winning comprehensive e-learning program used by more than four million students across the world. Known for its accurate assessments, engaging curriculum and trusted teacher tools, Istation helps students in prekindergarten through 12th grade achieve academic growth. Istation's computer-adaptive assessments (known as ISIP™) immediately place students on personalized instructional paths unique to their needs. An animated, game-like interface effectively engages students so that they don't even know they're being evaluated.

About The ComputED Gazette

The ComputED Gazette is a valuable educational resource, having served the online community for over 21 years. Our directors are educators who have provided the finest computer education to children and adults in the North San Diego area. The Gazette is proud sponsor of two national awards: The Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES) in the spring and the Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES) in the summer. Additions to our website are the expanded Reviews section and the Awards Showcase, where selected award-winning entries are reviewed by our staff writers.


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