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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Last Chance for Partner Zines
The Writer's Garret

November, 2016

Literary fun for kids and adults!
Last Chance for Partner Zines!
October 29, 10am-3pm

You & your partner will create an amazing handmade book together and each take home a copy. We'll experiment with collaborative poetry, stories, collage, drawing, and more! Your partner may be a buddy, your BFF, a special someone, your sworn enemy, a person in your family... the possibilities are endless! Please bring a lunch.

         Early Bird Member - $35                   Member - $45                     Non-Member - $60
November 1, 7-10pm

Characterization is one of the most important drivers of fiction or creative non-fiction. In this workshop, you will learn how to create multi-dimensional characters that come alive with personality, quirks, secrets, habits, and senses, to keep the reader turning the page for more. This class will have several exercises to demonstrate diverse methods.

        Early Bird Member - $45                         Member - $60                          Non-Member - $75
November 5, 1-5pm
Participating writers will be guided through the entire process of submitting stories, poems, and essays for publication, from identifying markets to formatting manuscripts to knowing what to expect (and when) from editors. All in all, we will work together to demystify the business of publication and to remove those feelings of inadequacy, intimidation, and discouragement that stand in the way of getting what you want out of making your work available to a wider readership.

      Early Bird Member - $45                   Member - $60                     Non-Member - $90
November 12, 1-5pm

This course is designed for anyone working in the nonprofit world who is responsible for communicating the mission, ideas, or impact of programs / projects / services to an audience whose positive response is critical. Come away with a better understanding of how to tailor your writing to specific situations and readers nonprofits regularly encounter, learn to tell bigger stories in fewer words, and craft effective narratives demonstrating the essential value of your organization. 

Early Bird Member - $75                         Member - $90                          Non-Member - $110
Never Let Me Go: 
How to Craft your Chapter's Beginning and End
November 13, 1-4pm


Bring your current project with you and prepare to write. By the end of the workshop, you'll know the tricks and learn how to write a story that readers can't put down.

   Early Bird Member - $45                   Member - $60                     Non-Member - $75
November brings pumpkin pie and a break from school! Our Fall Sampler Camp will keep minds engaged as students learn the arts of video, zines, and poetry slam, and acquire new skills to share! All three Fall Sampler Camps are available as a package!
             Early Bird Member - $105               Member - $145                   Non-Member: $205
November 21, 9am-5pm

Video camp is a compact immersion into the world of film-making, including collaboration in writing a script or song for performance in a short film.  Together, campers ages 10-16 will plan shots and storyboards, cast roles, rehearse, film, and edit the video. Participants will experience the value of imagination and dramatization, while learning various aspects of performance and improvisation. 

Early Bird Members - $40                            Member - $55                                Non-Member - $75

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November 22, 1-5pm

We are back with the latest incarnation of our most highly regarded Zine Camp, voted "Best of 2012" by The Dallas Observer. We're excited to bring to youth ages 10-18 this one-of-a-kind art and literature experience! Your young adults will create their own "zine," learning the tools for written expression while exploring art (and earth friendly) techniques behind zines and their productions.

Early Bird Member - $25                              Member - $35                              Non-Member - $55

November 23, 9am-5pm

At Slam Camp, youth ages 12-18 find that a poem read aloud becomes a spoken word poem, but to be a truly great slam poem it needs to be odd, different, unique--much like the students and poets! This incarnation of poetry slam features a competition of words where poets slam their papers to the ground as they breathe life into poems through performance, voice, and nuance. Through interactive exercises, writing prompts, and modeling, students will get a firsthand look at how to create astonishing performance poems. Words will leap off the page through voice as we give life to poetry!
Early Bird Member - $40                                     Member - $55                                         Member - $75    

Get even better discounts PLUS many more benefits with a membership - right now yearly memberships are $21 for our 21st birthday!
The Writer's Garret | 10809 Garland Road  | Dallas, Texas 75218 | (214)828-1715 |
Writer's CAMP Returns! 
Our Community And Mentorship Program is a creative writing program for writers who want to be part of a growing literary community and are ready to receive serious, intensive study in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or playwriting. Priority applications are due November 15.
The Writer's Garret is made possible by the support of many individuals, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governmental agencies who understand the value of reading, writing, and the literary arts!

This season of educational programs and events has been made possible by the following:
National Endowment for the Arts; 
City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs; 
Texas Commission on the Arts; Lucky Dog Books; 
Target; Enterprise Foundation; Big Thought; 
Mike & Debra Decker; Gardere; 
Safeway; Amazon SMILE; 
Donors to the Jack Myers & Jacob Myers Funds; 
and our Members, Board of Trustees, 
and Board of Sponsors.
(if we have inadvertently left anyone off this list,
please let us know! We want to thank you!)
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