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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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🌷🐾Spring tours, 💦 Water Weekend 💦 & AZA Certification at IEAS
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary,

April, 2016

Spring Tours

Spring is here!  Not only do we enjoy watching everything bloom this time of year, but we also look forward to the number of tours we have!  During spring break last month, we had over 500 people visit IEAS to learn about these wonderful animals!  This month, we are gearing up for the many school tours we have in the books already.  During the spring and summer seasons, a number of school groups and youth groups visit IEAS for a guided tour.  School teachers are encouraged to plan field trips for students in third grade and up. IEAS has so much to offer and can make a morning spent touring the Sanctuary a unique, interesting, educational and exciting experience for students of all ages. Our school tour program has lectures aimed at each grade level and covers some of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). We happily work with schools and teachers to create lesson plans and a tour experience designed specifically for their students.

If you are a teacher, or have any friends who are, please consider this wonderful opportunity.  Even if their school is too far away to visit IEAS in person, we offer virtual tours via Skype!  It’s a great way for students around the country to meet the Sanctuary animals and learn about their natural histories and conservation efforts.

Tours will consist of the class follow their tour guide through the Sanctuary, meeting tigers, lions, ocelots, grizzly bears, black bears, coatis, and much more!  During the tour, students are encouraged to ask questions about the various ways we care for the animals, their natural history, conservation, and more. Questions often range from nutrition, environmental needs, our unique emotional enrichment program, and more. You can contact our office for more information about tours! 
Schedule a tour

Water Weekend

This year will be our 6th Annual Water Weekend event! 

We have had such a huge success in the past, and we know this year will be no exception!  Our water weekend will be April 29, 30 and May 1st

Bring once case of bottled water (12 pack or more) per person to see the amazing animals that call IEAS home! 

Remember:  Children must be at least 7 years old to take a tour! 

Be sure to mark this down on your calendars!

Schedule your visit


Speaking of WATER WEEKEND...
Our animal residents are having their own kind of wet and wild fun also.

Last month, Richard Gilbreth, IEAS Executive Director, and Louis Dorfman, IEAS Animal Behaviorist and Chairman of the Board, traveled to Nebraska to meet with AZA officials and receive our our AZA recertification. 

It's official! The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary has been re-certified with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums until 2021! We are proud to be a member of the AZA organization, and we meet the high standard that all AZA Zoos and Aquariums are held to. 

If you are unfamiliar with the AZA and the accreditation process you can read about it here:

IEAS is currently 1 of 11 facilities in the US that is a Certified Related Facility.
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