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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Starting the year off strong at IEAS
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

February, 2016

February 2016

Ending last year strong and starting this year stronger... at IEAS
The holiday season and new year are all wrapped up, but IEAS, or resident animals,  and our supporters are still going strong. Let's take a moment to acknowledge the following:
IEAS Interns
start a new tradition:

An annual Bake Sale
IEAS had its first-ever annual Christmas for the Cats Bake Sale! We are excited to say that we were able to raise $515 to go towards feeding the animals at the sanctuary!

Despite feeding our bears less during the winter because of their reduced activity, we are still going through about 250 pounds of meat every day since the cats tend to eat more during the winter months. Being a nonprofit organization, we rely solely on grants and donations to be able to care for these wonderful animals.  We are so grateful towards Bianca Lewis from Target in Fort Worth, TX for providing the donations that helped make this bake sale possible! We also want to thank Derek Pranther for allowing us to have our bake sale at Love's Travel Stop off of Highway 114 in Rhome!  We greatly appreciate everyone who came out to support the Sanctuary and our new yearly tradition!
Animal Spotlight

In honor of her birthday, we figured it was fitting to have Shauna as the spotlight animal this month. 

Shauna is an extremely affectionate and playful lioness.  She is quick to win your heart and has always been a favorite among staff, interns and volunteers.  Over the years, Shauna has developed a strong bond with one of our loyal volunteers, Barbara.  Through our Emotional Enrichment Program, these two have earned each other’s trust and respect.  Every time Barbara comes out the help with the upkeep of the Sanctuary’s gardens, she always makes time to visit Shauna, and Shauna is always quick to come over for a friendly visit.  

Though she just turned 23 years old, Shauna is still a kid at heart.  She may not be moving as fast as she was years ago, but she still shows you her playful spirit. This year, she showed us just how playful she can still be with her pumpkin.  She was quick to tackle her pumpkin and proceeded to tear it apart to get to the tasty treats hidden inside.
Shauna and her pumpkin

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas. This year we celebrated the Christmas weekend in true Texas fashion.  In Texas, we come to realize that Mother Nature can be very unpredictable. 

On Christmas day, we were in tank tops feeding the animals in 70 degree weather with no hope for a white Christmas.  However, not 24 hours later, severe weather hit.  The animals and staff at IEAS were fortunate enough not to have the tornado threats, but we did get nearly 36 straight hours of rain which did a number on our roads and habitats. 

However, Mother Nature wasn’t finished with her surprises.  Monday morning, we were greeted with the first snow of the season!  While the snow was pretty and most of the younger animals enjoyed playing and rolling around in it, it didn’t last long. 

Once it all melted away, the clean up began.  We spent the following days cleaning up debris from the high winds and trying to fix the roads that washed out.  Additionally, with the sudden change in weather, we have quite a few pools to patch after they cracked from the ground shifting.

The IEAS Family and our resident animals recently received a donation of a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. The vehicle will come in handy for both transportation for our interns, as well as transportation of donated items. This is a great start to our new year. Along with that generous donation, we have also recently received: enrichment toys, work tools, landscaping supplies and more.

Each and every donation adds up and helps!
With Valentine's day just around the corner, we'd like to give a heartfelt
to everyone that supports us. It is because of supporters like you that we continue to be able to give our animal residents so much.

If anyone ever has a question about a possible donation, please feel free to call us. We go through quite an assortment of materials, supplies and equipment on a regular basis here. Donors will also receive a tax deductible receipt for their contributions.

Sometimes those dusty items in your house, garage, or storage shed can be put to use here and help us care for our animal residents.

Perhaps the company you work for has possible items also? 
We may be able to use those items and the company gets a nice tax donation and possibly other forms of recognition.
Did someone say
Valentine's Day?
Still looking for that extra special gift for that extra special someone?

Consider the following:
  • Bringing them for a tour. They get to see lions, tigers, bears, and more during a roughly 2hr long walking tour and are more then welcome to ask questions. Highly recommended for first time visitors.
  • Is a white tiger, lion, etc. their favorite animal? After taking a tour, most people have a favorite animal. Consider adopting or 'friending' the desired animal. Both programs are part of our Emotional Enrichment Program and allow you to schedule a non-physical visit sitting a couple feet from the animal resident's habitat. Visits can be rather memorable and our animal residents love having new friends and visitors. They will often come over and say 'hello' in their own unique ways. 
  • Visit our gift shop for photos and animal related merchandise.

Showing how much you care doesn't have to stop at Valentine's Day.
Consider bringing that special someone for a tour in the coming weeks or possible their birthday. Visitors gets to enjoy the animals, and it helps support the Sanctuary's work in caring for each magnificent animal resident.

Celebrating the day solo? Consider visiting the animals and being their 'special someone'. Our animal residents often love new faces and they certainly enjoy those that visit as a friend or adoptive parent.

This could be you: 
(A staff member or intern will also accompany you for the visit)
Feel free to call us with any questions. (940) 433-5091
How about another enjoyable video?
Julia playing with a red ball.
Aggie & Bertha
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