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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Injured and Sick Feral Cats Need You!
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance

February, 2016

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Please help us help these ferals!
Gigi is a feral kitty who was already spayed through our program, and was living her life peacefully, until she was under the hood of a car when it was started up!  The result was a horribly mangled tail.  As you can see above, Gigi was resting comfortably after her tail amputation. She has now re-joined her colony and is doing fine!

Bubba has had a rough time.....beat up with lots of wounds, and an upper respiratory infection.  His caregiver was able to catch him and get him in for treatment, and he was neutered as well.  He did recover nicely and has re-joined his colony.
Maxwell's caregiver reached out to us when she noticed him limping quite a bit.  X-rays show a congenital defect in his knee for which there is no cure, but he was given some pain medicine and is now getting around fine.  She will keep an eye on him to make sure he continues to do well!

Mittens is a feral kitty who had an injury where the skin on the end of his tail was taken off.  He had a partial amputation and is making a quick.

Feona is our one feral kitty who did not fare as well.  She was incredibly ill, with her throat almost swollen completely shut.  We are not sure exactly what her diagnosis was, but she was in such bad shape that we decided we could not let her continue to suffer, so she was humanely euthanized.  
We try our best to help any feral cat to heal and be able to re-join their colony to live out their life. Even though that is not always possible, our main goal is to alleviate their suffering, and of course that takes money. This group of kitties cost us in the vicinity of $3,000.   

Without our wonderful supporters, helping these cats would not be possible.  We appreciate everything you do to support our cause.  If you are able to donate to the care of these cats, and others to come, please click the "Donate" button to the right.

We also wish to recognize Dr. Pupp at Watters Animal Hospital and Dr. Morris at Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth, who work tirelessly to help these cats in need.

Thank you!

Pam Asturias
Coordinator, "Race to Reduce Litters" Feral Program


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