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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Mental Health Daily
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

November, 2015


November 17, 2015
A conspiracy theory is an invitation to an exciting alternative reality where nothing is quite as it seems. There is fun to be had defying conventional wisdom, sifting through signs, uncovering lost knowledge and secret plots.
Washington Post
November 17, 2015
While the health information of ordinary Americans may not command as high of a price as a wealthy celebrity's, opportunistic criminals are beginning to resort to similar schemes targeted at anyone who might potentially be hurt or embarrassed if others had access to information about their mental illness, nose job, abortion, or the fact that they're going through bottles of Viagra.
Washington Post
November 17, 2015
The shift to academia has expanded the movement’s focus beyond raw anger over young men dying at the hands of police. Campus activists tend to have more nuanced and even symbolic concerns: Groups at nearly two dozen colleges have demanded a more diverse faculty, more ethnic-studies classes, improved mental health services for students of color and policies for dealing with incidents the activists find offensive.
Texas Tribune
November 17, 2015
Holding up San Antonio as an example, a report by a justice system policy group recommends that law enforcement agencies change their practices regarding mental illness, sex workers and addiction without waiting for legislative action.
Texas Tribune
November 18, 2015
On March 28, 2014, two Texas A&M University graduate students — one male, one female — went on a date. They ate dinner at McAlister’s Deli, drove to the male student’s College Station apartment and sat on his bed to watch a Disney movie. What happened next is hotly disputed, and it has prompted a federal investigation into A&M.
November 17, 2015
Officials with the Bexar County Mental Health Department say about 15 percent of men and 30 percent of women in jail have some sort of mental illness.
Mason County News
November 18, 2015
One of the Speaker’s key charges to the committee is to recommend ways to improve early identification of mental illness and increase collaboration among entities that deliver care. 
Focus Daily News
November 18, 2015
Recently, State Representative Toni Rose (D-110) was named to the House Select Committee on Mental Health, which is charged with examining the state’s behavioral health system for both adults and children.
November 17, 2015
The federal government is taking away Medicare and Medicaid funding from the St. Joseph Medical Center, putting Houston's oldest hospital at risk of shutting down.
Association for Psychological Science
November 18, 2015
Some of the most urgent issues that American society faces today are fundamentally influenced by decision making and behavior at both the individual and institutional levels. Despite this, policymakers have only recently begun to capitalize on insights from research in the behavioral sciences in developing policies that address these issues.
Wall Street Journal
November 17, 2015
The new initiative to screen all pregnant women and new mothers for maternal depression was announced Tuesday by Chirlane McCray, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, at a news conference at Bellevue Hospital.
Minnesota Public Radio
November 17, 2015
It's health-plan enrollment season, and many people find the options complicated and difficult to understand. The jargon can be overwhelming, and it can lead people to make to costly mistakes or avoid care all together.
November 18, 2015
Ken Livingstone had told the Daily Mirror newspaper that shadow defence minister Kevan Jones should seek “some psychiatric help” after he criticised the former Mayor of London’s appointment a policy review post.
Medical News Today
November 17, 2015
Some people with schizophrenia have hallucinations, which means they see, hear, smell or feel things that nobody else experiences. Now, a new study sheds light on this condition and suggests that there are differences in a key region of the brain for people with schizophrenia who have hallucinations, compared with those who do not.
New York Times
November 18, 2015
Poor sleep is associated with increased inflammation, which may contribute to heart disease and a variety of other ailments. A new study has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy and tai chi, the Chinese exercise technique, may reduce both insomnia and inflammation.
November 17, 2015
When mental health services were scaled back in Sacramento there was a significant increase in emergency psychiatric consults and emergency department length of stay.
Psych Central
November 18, 2015
Feeling lonely is bad enough but add the holidays to the mix and instead of helping, the feeling intensifies. This strange phenomenon tends to isolate even further and can bring about a deeper depression. In some cases, the hopelessness many lead to suicidal thoughts.
This summary of recent news and research articles on mental health topics was prepared as a public service by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Stories from other media sources do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the foundation and its staff. Media sites may require a one-time free registration and academic and science journal sites may require a paid subscription to access articles. 
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