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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Philanthropy, Development, & Fundraising
Karen Eber Davis

October, 2015

We use the words philanthropy, development, and fundraising interchangeably. Yet each has a very distinct meaning. Does it matter? Very much. Sloppy language decreases our ability to gain donated income and achieve our missions.
Words matter. Despite the childhood lie that only sticks and stone can hurt you, words can too. More importantly, the right words will help you tremendously.

 Here's a diagram. Post it on your bulletin board. Use it to streamline conversations about how your nonprofit can grow donated income. Share it with your board and supporters to help them create productive action plans that grow income. Continue to use it until everyone around you is conversing in a shared fundraising language. Make it your ultimate cheat sheet.


What are philanthropy, development, and fundraising?
1. Philanthropy is helping others by using your personal resources. We all have the potential to be more philanthropic.
We start here:
With support, we grow to here:
2. Development is the process nonprofits use to help people to grow philanthropically.
3. Fundraising is a collection of opportunities that nonprofits offer that allow their supporters to express their philanthropic growth. Fundraisers such as your wine and cheese events, are represented below by the symbol "|."
   ♥ __|______|_________|_________|_________|_____|___❯ 
1. Where do you place yourself on the philanthropic development journey line? Where would you like to be in five years?
2. Where do you hear the three concepts: philanthropy, development, and fundraising used clearly? Where do you hear confusion? How will you grow greater clarity?
3. What development activities do you offer (or might you offer) between your fundraising events to grow your supporters' (staff and board included) philanthropy?
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