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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Shumla April 2015 eNews
Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

April, 2015

Shumla's Jet-setting Staff
Dr. Carolyn Boyd and Dr. Margaret Conkey in Segesta, Sicily at a conference presented by the Ettore Majorana Centre.

April was a month of travel for our Shumla staff. 

  • Our Research Director, Carolyn Boyd, traveled to Sicily, Italy, to present at a conference at the Ettore Majorana Centre.
  • All our archaeologists and collaborators -- Jeremy Freeman, Vicky Munoz, Jerod Roberts, Audrey Lindsay, Karen Steelman, and Carolyn Boyd -- traveled to San Francisco to present at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) conference.
Read on to hear about their travels!

Modern Science in an Ancient City


High on a mountain top in an ancient cobblestone paved city of monasteries and castles, Carolyn Boyd joined 25 invitees from 11 countries in a four-day intensive think tank on the use of technology in the study of visual culture. The greatest minds in the discipline presented and debated - while they froze in drafty halls and on windy cliffs in Erice, Sicily.


The cold must have quickened their minds. These physicists, chemists, art historians, conservators, and archaeologists awed one another in turn with their innovative techniques. They shared methods and made relationships that will follow them back to their respective homes and projects.


And they saw some pretty incredible sites...


Segesta Temple, Sicily



Ettore Majorana Centre


Carolyn presented on the use of today's technology in the study of 4,000 
year old art in this building built over 500 years ago. In Erice, time is relative. 


I think I speak for all of us when I say - next time we get to go!


Shumla Takes SAA by Storm

Vicky Munoz presents "Taming the Beast: 
Rock Art Data Management and Archival Strategies" 


Shumla had an excellent showing at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Meetings in San Francisco this month. With over 400 symposiums covering everything from the "Archaeology of Economics in China" to the "Conquest and Colonialism in Mesoamerica," there was a lot to see. This year's attendance of over 5,500 archaeologists can attest to that! 


Karen Steelman - Shumla's Archaeological Chemist - presents "Discovering Hidden Layers with X-ray Vision"


The Rock Art Interest group sponsored two symposia: "Rock Art Research: A Regional Analysis" as well as "Methodology and Interpretation in the Archaeology of Rock Art."


Jeremy Freeman presents "Preserving our Legacy: Understanding Transformation Processes for Rock Art Conservation"

Every day was packed with excitement and interesting presentations! After all of the team finished giving their talks, our very own Shumla Board President Emil Zuberbueler, took us all out to Chinatown for a special multi-course dinner.


Members of the Shumla Family
Pictured from left: Audrey Lindsay (Shumla Intern), Russ Elder, 
Emil Zuberbueller (Shumla Board President), Carolyn Boyd (Shumla Research Director), 
Vicky Munoz (Shumla Archaeologist), Jerod Roberts (Shumla Archaeologist), 
Jeremy Freeman (Shumla Archaeologist), Dr. Steve Black, Dr. Karen Steelman, Charles Koenig (Former Shumla Archaeologist), Amanda Castenada (Former Shumla Archaeologist), Tim Murphy.

This year's SAA was a great success and we all can't wait to present our research again at next year's SAA in Orlando, Florida! 


Shumla Wish List

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Thank you!
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