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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Sneak Peak Into Spring at IEAS! 🐾
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

April, 2015

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How do we know winter is over for good? Great question!

The weather is warming up, the grass won't stop growing, school tours have begun and bears are popping out everywhere - these are surefire signs of spring at IEAS! 

With increased rain and warmer temperatures, it's been wonderful to see the Sanctuary turning green again! Leaves and blossoms are popping up on trees faster than the bears can eat them (Rascal LOVES plum blossoms!), and staff is working hard to keep up with the ever growing grass. With 20 acres to maintain (NOT including animal habitats), we're staying busy - that's for sure!

We're also seeing some of our sleepiest bears pop out of their dens and caves and mosey back into their warm weather routines. Our best sleepers, Papa, Wendy, Willie, and George, are back in action and full of energy from their long winter nap. Their pool is full, and if you've met these rambunctious bears, you know they've already made quite a splash in it! Greta and Crow, two of our sleepiest American black bears, have both crawled out of their winter dens (paw-made by these instinctual girls!), and reunited with their roommates. 

We are so excited to see what
spring has to offer this year,
and we hope that we will see each
and every one of you out at IEAS this season!

Big Step for Sunshine
Sunshine hit a big milestone just a few days ago! He climbed his first tree EVER! As an ex-pet, Sunny didn't have the opportunity to be a real bear. Once he arrived at IEAS and moved into his 1.5 acre wooded habitat, he began to flourish. With the help of his three pseudo-brothers, Sunshine is finally learning what it means to be a real bear! 
Welcome to IEAS!
Spring session interns have arrived and completed their training! Meet Michelle, Karli, Kira, Elizabeth, and Amy! They come from right next door and all over the world - literally! One of our new interns lives less than an hour from IEAS, and another came all the way from the land down under!
5th Annual Water Weekend!
May 1 - 3
Check out the website to see more!

More News:
Mau had a great check up with IEAS Veterinarian Dr. Greg Moore. We sedated Mau to check for any potential causes of some minor digestive issues he has been experiencing, taking x-rays and doing some blood work. The results are in, and Mau got a good report! Dr. Moore has determined that Mau has a minor case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for which he prescribed some medication to make Mau more comfortable! It already seems to be helping immensely! 
As an added bonus, our interns had the chance to observe the procedure. This is a great opportunity for them to view the cats up close, ask questions, and gain some experience and knowledge in veterinary medicine for these large felines! 


Female Bengal Tiger
Born: April 1, 1994
Rescued: April 1, 1994 
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Female Bobcat
Born: April 13, 2008
Rescued: May 12, 2008
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Allie Kat

Female Bengal Tiger
Born: April 21, 2005
Rescued: June 20, 2005
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