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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Compassionate Careers Making a Living By Making a Difference
Jeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

March, 2015

Many young people are seeking something more from their work—purpose, meaning, a cause. 

COMPASSIONATE CAREERS: Making a Living By Making a Difference (Career Press, March 2015) is filled with examples of people who have meaningful jobs in cause-focused organizations. These stories capture their spirit, intelligence, imagination, and heart.

COMPASSIONATE CAREERS is an inspirational guide to finding purpose-driven work and offers advice to anyone who feels that sitting on the sidelines is just not enough. 

The United States is in the midst of a huge demographic shift. There are 75 million baby boomers on their way out of the workforce and about 80 million distinctly different and far more diverse young people who have moved in: the Millennial generation. According to a broad study conducted in 2010, the vast majority of young people in this range consider it their duty to “make a difference in the world” and find something beyond “just a job.”

The authors of COMPASSIONATE CAREERS areJeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell, CEO and President (respectively) of Pathfinder Solutions, an organization dedicated to providing research and training on talent development to nonprofits and other organizations. They have found that many people are not aware of the variety of compassionate careers that exist. According to their survey 96% of nonprofit and foundation leaders (about a third of whom were under 40) said that neither a counselor nor a teacher had ever suggested this sector to them.


·  Inspiring stories from personal interviews with 100 world icons, including Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, and Dave Matthews; and everyday heroes, many of them young social entrepreneurs.

·  An online assessment that identifies the organizational culture for which you are best suited.

·  Valuable resources for exploring and landing a compassionate career.

·  Six years of in-depth background research.

·  Exercises and resources for hands-on exploration of compassionate career opportunities.

Our collective future depends specifically on the inherently connected and mobile nature of younger people who have been raised in the digital age because they will solve problems in a new way. However, just as in any field, to land a great job takes skill-building, networking, sleuthing and a little luck. Additionally, there are real world struggles that face young people today such as paying off student loans, let alone saving for retirement.

COMPASSIONATE CAREERS is intended to be both inspirational and realistic. Following the suggestions outlined in this book will improve your odds in finding a compassionate career. 

An old Yaqui Indian proverb reads: “If you have a choice of paths to take in life, take the path with a heart.”


JEFFREY W. PRYOR, EDD, is a thought leader in the field of philanthropy who has received multiple awards for his entrepreneurial efforts. After 20 years as executive director of a family foundation, Jeff now serves as CEO of Pathfinder Solutions, providing research and training on talent development to nonprofits and other organizations. He also teaches at Regis University and the University of Colorado.

ALEXANDRA MITCHELL, MPA, has long been an advocate for young people and purpose-driven organizations. She has been a high school teacher, nonprofit director, and organizational coach. Currently, Alex is the president of Pathfinder Solutions and teaches at the University of Colorado. She speaks nationally on talent development. Social Innovations Review and Harvard University have published all her work.




Twitter:, @compassion8book




Jeffrey W. Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell

Career Press



March 2015




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The upcoming bookCompassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference is a great guide to finding a path that allows you both purpose and a paycheck. Check it out:


Looking forward to the book, Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference. Check it out!


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You shouldn’t have to decide between finding a career with purpose and finding one with a paycheck. That’s why we’re excited about the upcoming book Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference. Find your #PurposeAndPaycheck.


We want to give a shout-out to Jeff Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell, authors of the upcoming book Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference. Thanks for inspiring a new generation of change-makers to take the reigns!




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Proud to promote the upcoming book Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference! Check it out here:


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Find your #PurposeAndPaycheck! Proud to support the book Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference!


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