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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Lawndale Art Center Newsletter: Exhibitions Opening Friday!
Lawndale Art Center Houston

January, 2015


Opening Friday

On view January 23 - February 28, 2015

Opening Reception
Friday, January 23, 2015

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Artist talks at 6 PM



Johnny DiBlasi, Stephen Kraig, Patrick Renner & Eric Todd
John M. O'Quinn Gallery 


{exurb} presents a site specific installation, Topologies, in the John M. O'Quinn Gallery that represents a natural progression from its previous work, fusing the kinetic/active with a strongly tech-focused/data-driven underpinning. Bisecting the gallery space in a shifting grid twelve feet overhead the movement and shape of which is determined by real-time, location specific data, Topologies seeks to understand space as a medium, how place itself not only lends character but is a character in our lives, how an environment can deceptively shape our experience, how it hangs above us all the time.


{exurb}'s website

The Idyll

Ryder Richards

Cecily E. Horton Gallery 


Ryder Richards' installation, The Idyll, is a hybrid between a pulpit and science fiction control station: a modernist temple to information complete with security cameras, recessed lighting, digital projections, and panels of quasi-unintelligible text and formulas. Upon entering the exhibition the participant can be documented, image projected, and stripped of identity markers conforming to a Universalist ideal: a dissipation of "self" into simplified aesthetic phenomena. Reacting to Walter Benjamin's notion of the detached image of cinema living a more rich, travelled, and complex life than the actor, Ryder hopes to thwart this aggrandizement of "self image" in a more Eastern sensibility: dissolution of self to merge with the whole, a sacrifice of identity for communality. 


Ryder Richard's website

Day Dreams

Jed Foronda

Grace R. Cavnar Gallery 


Day Dreams is derived from momentary observations, cultural elements and the artist's memories. The work focuses on Jed Foronda's continued exploration of altering paper mediums, from Art Forums to Playboys, by systematically carving organic abstract patterns into the surface. These carefully excavated forms result in mandala-esque patterns that subvert the objects original content and intention. In this way, he works subjectively and intuitively from his own experiences towards more generalized, objective, and shared histories.


Jed Foronda's website

Synthetic Happiness

Stephanie Patton

Project Space


Synthetic Happiness is an extension of Stephanie Patton's work exploring issues of mental health, medical treatment and their impact on us. This multi-media exhibition includes large-scale, padded, white vinyl pieces, quilted mattress pieces and video works which allude to various emotional states. All are meant to serve as an invitation to lure the viewer into their own state of self-awareness. Synthetic Happiness confronts psychological themes while exploring the relationship between humor and personal therapies.


Stepahine Patton's website

I'd Prefer To Keep My Distance

S.A. Hinson



I'd Prefer To Keep My Distance is part of a larger Community Outreach series. The works in the series use ambivalent texts gleaned from everyday usage to address the reader directly in shared space. The texts question the position of the reader by remaining ambiguous: who is speaking? And to whom? The focus of the work is a reflection on and engagement with the surrounding community and is placed around the city via small interventions. I'd Prefer To Keep My Distance is placed in a confined space of transit. Like the pieces on the street, on their way to being somewhere else. The work is not firmly planted in the 'art world' nor in the city at large but in the slippage between these spaces. The other works in the Community Outreach series will be available to experience in the surrounding areas of the city and through Instagram by following the user @COMMUNITY__OUTREACH. 



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