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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Roar in the New Year with IEAS
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

January, 2015

Welcome Home, Sunshine!

Just a few weeks ago, we welcomed a new bear to the IEAS family. Sunshine, an approximately two-year-old American black bear, came to the Sanctuary after being kept as a pet.  Sunshine was originally purchased at two weeks old from a safari park in Missouri. His Kansas owner kept him inside his home until he became too much to handle, at which point he was moved to an outdoor pen. Kansas passed a law banning the ownership of big cats and bears in 2006, and Sunshine was purchased in 2013. As such, his owner was in violation of the law, and Sunshine was confiscated.

With the help of the Humane Society of the United States, Sunshine found his way to Boyd, TX where he’s been settling in wonderfully. Initially somewhat shy, Sunshine has embraced the opportunity to form bonds with his human caretakers. Even we were surprised at how quickly and willingly this boy came over to say “hello!” He has already spent a great deal of time lying at the fence with his new friends, finding comfort in their presence and friendship. It is certainly a testament to his affectionate nature. We are confident that Sunshine will continue to welcome the benefits of the Emotional Enrichment Program and his new home.  We are excited to spend time getting to know this special bear who has so many fans all over the country! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of finding a safe and happy forever home at IEAS! 

2014 was a spectacular year for IEAS. We couldn’t be more grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from our growing number of supporters. We’ve gained more than 1,200 new Facebook supporters, and our website has seen a more than 6% increase in visits compared to last year!
In terms of actual (instead of virtual) visitors, the Sanctuary’s tour revenue has increased by 3.4%, indicating a definite growth in visitor numbers.  We love that more people are coming out to visit the animals and become a part of making their lives as great as they can be!
One of our favorite findings has been the 13.4% increase that we’ve seen in in percentage purchases. This means that there has been a significant increase in supporters using grocery store cards like Albertsons, Tom Thumb, and Kroger cardsAmazon Smile has also aided this increase as animal lovers are gravitating toward using that amazingly helpful program! 














































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