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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Texas,Only 8 Days to Go...
the Arts Fund

December, 2014

Hello Texas, 

Only 8 days to go until Christmas. Are you running out of time to shop, wrap, and deliver your gifts?                                       No worries. Relax and enjoy the season. 
Here are at 10 reasons why an ArtsFundCard membership would make the perfect solution.
1. Not just a one time and your done gift card- It gives ALL year. Your gift can be enjoyed over and over and over again all year long!
2.It's creative, thoughtful, an d unique. Chances are pretty good that you don't have to worry about duplication.
3.It's a double duty gift. The gift benefits the arts in San Antonio. You can feel good that your gift is helping your community by supporting the arts.
4.It's easy- you don't have to shop, wrap, mail it or pay tax for it. One size fits all, its good for everyone in the family or friends.
5. It's tax deductible.   As a 501(c)3, your donations to theArtsFund are 100% tax deductible.  
6. Its two gifts in one. If your gift is for a couple or two family members, there are two cards included, one for him and one for her.
7. Your sharing wha t you love,(arts) with people you love. Not many gifts do that. Invite those friends or family members to join you when you buy tickets to discounted events and they get to save too.
8.  It saves you time. Nothing is more valuable than your time. You can't buy or make more of it, and during the holidays anything that saves you time is priceless.
9. It pays forward into the future. By giving the gift of the arts, you are helping to increase audience participation within our community. Just like love, Art is meaningless if it is not shared. This growth of audience participation benefits the arts as a whole. 
10. It's fun. Not all gifts can boast that they will possibly move the recipient to laugh, cry, clap, smile, sing, learn, capture the memory in photos, talk about, and/ or write about, than the opportunity to enjoy the arts.      
We will mail a Holiday card with two ArtsFund cards to the people you chose, for the gift of $60 before December 20th. 


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