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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Summer Starts Up at IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

May, 2014

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


We recently found out about a great company called Bravelets!
 Bravelets sells bracelets and other jewelry for a cause! Organizations, like IEAS, can sign up with Bravelets to receive a $10 donation with every jewelry purchase made on the Sanctuary's Brave Page. We just had to sign up! Our Brave Page is now up, running, and ready for YOU! Every time you look down at your beautiful bracelet, necklace, or ring, you'll think about the amazing animals that you helped!  


Click here to start shopping for your Bravelet now!

Working on your garden? Having problems with pests? We can help! Big Cat Scat can be used as a natural repellant, and luckily for you, we've got plenty of it around here! All of our tiger scat is currently being separated, dried, processed, and packed safely in childproof buckets for your gardening use. Just a sprinkle of the powdered poo in your garden, and you're good to go. The Big Cat Scat has been scientifically shown to repel feral pigs and rabbits, and may also deter deer, horses, and cattle.

Order your Big Cat Scat today!

1 Gallon Bucket: $15.00
2.5 Gallon Bucket: $35.00
5 Gallon Bucket: $50.00 

1 Gallon of Big Cat Scat should be enough to cover 100 square feet. 
Applications are recommended monthly to ensure best results.

Keep in mind that we will SHIP!

Place an order by calling 940-433-5091 or e-mailing! 
Please contact us to determine shipping & handling costs. 

The 4th Annual "Quench Our Thirst" Water Weekend was a huge success! Over 100 visitors brought almost 1,500 bottles of water out to the Sanctuary. We can't thank everyone enough for being a part of this weekend! This water will go a long way in quenching the inevitable thirst of this summer's Sanctuary visitors! 

Male Bobcat
Born: May 5, 1994
Rescued: May 1, 1995

He arrived at IEAS at 1 year old, and this month, Newt is turning 20! We can't believe it. Over the years, Newt has perfected the art of napping. No other animal can find a position quite as comforable looking as Newt can! We're sure he will nap his birthday away!

Female Bengal Tiger 
Born: May 19, 1998
Rescued: August 15, 2011

Sajani is easily one of the most affectionate tigers at IEAS. She is also one of the noisiest! Sajani loves to chuff, moan, and groan at her favorite friends, and as soon as she sees someone coming for a visit, she's up and ready to say 'hello!' This sweet girl will definitely have a happy birthday!

Male White Bengal Tiger
Born: May 25, 2013
Rescued: June 30, 2013

Is this really true? Is it possible that the Sanctuary's youngest resident is turning one year old this month?! Time definitely flies when you're watching a handsome cub like Saber grow up. This playful boy has so much personality and affection to share, and we can't wait to continue to watch him grow!

Female Ocelot
Born: May 28, 1999
Rescued: February 21, 2013

Rio is definitely one of the most strikingly beautiful residents at IEAS. Her large, captivating eyes and beautiful coat will make your jaw drop, but our favorite thing about Rio is her evening affection! She loves evening visits with her most trusted friends, and we can't get enough of her rolling and purring! 



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