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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Children at Risk Newsletter
Children at Risk

April, 2014


April was full of educational events and exciting releases! Thank you to everyone who helped make them happen and who attended. Our Pre-Kindergarten and Early Education Policy Luncheon was completely sold out and offered great opportunities for collaboration, identifying solutions for providing pre-k to a larger percentage of Texas’ children, and exploring our upcoming study, which will assess current access to pre-k across the state. We also held the Fort Worth Texas School Guide Community Workshop, with the help of the Rainwater Foundation! All of our guests provided vital insight into ways that we can continue to improve on this wonderful resource in year two.

You may have also seen that we released the 8th Annual School Rankings in North Texas in partnership with theDallas Morning News. We could not be more proud of the work that North Texas independent school districts are putting into improving the public education that our children are receiving.

April highlighted our priority of improving public education. Based on the reactions we received this month, it is clear that North Texans have made it their priority as well! Thank you for your support and passion for improving the lives of our children.

All my best,

Jaime Hanks Meyers
Managing Director, North Texas

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Upcoming Events:

Wonders of Childhood,May 8th 

Statewide School Rankings Release, May 18th 

April Newsletter

1) Step right up and join us as we remember theWonders of Childhood on May 8th! This event is one of only two fundraisers we will have in North Texas this year and is key to ensuring that our work continues to grow and improve. We hope that you will join in the fun, over cotton candy, carnival-like games, and chef inspired hors d’oeuvres, as weremember our childhoods and work to ensure that more children are able to experience theirs! If you can’t make it, please consider making a donation today.

2) CHILDREN AT RISK releases the Texas Public School Rankings every year to serve as an accessible guide for parents, educators, and community members on the performance of local schools. The School Rankings have proven to be instrumental in generating conversations among educators and the public regarding methods for improving our public education system. Statewide rankings will be released on May 18th.

3) We would like to welcome our two newestNorth Texas staff members! Rachel Carpenter, Project Associate, who will be working on growing and maintaining our Human Trafficking Database, and Kristi Olabode, Assistant Director of the Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being, who will be bringing together stakeholders in parenting education to help increase access to parenting classes in North Texas.

4) Volunteer Opportunities: We have some great ways to get involved in the next few months, including: serving as a volunteer at our upcoming fundraiser, the Wonders of Childhood on May 8th; being one of our summer interns; or, helping us run registration at our upcoming Children’s Summit. For more information, email Amanda Steger

5) We are now hiring for three positions: Assistant Director, Project Coordinator (AmeriCrops VISTA), and Operations Coordinator! The Assistant Director will focus on eliminating food deserts in North Texas, the Project Coordinator will work to end the trafficking and exploitation of children, and the Operations Coordinator will assist with administrative and development work to keep our North Texas office running smoothly!



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