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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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GCBO April e-news
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

April, 2014



You Search...We Give!


In this Issue:


Quintana Spring Fling and Auction


Birdies for the Birds


Support Frontera Audubon


Bird Camp


Spring TOS Meeting


Monthly Bird Banding at GCBO


Member Photo of the Month


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Photos courtesy of Mike Gray, Pete Romfh and GCBO staff.
View on GCBO website. 

April 2014


Quintana Spring Fling

GCBO's Quintana Spring Fling will be held daily the entire month of April at Quintana Neotropic Bird Sanctuary. We will have knowledgeable volunteers and staff on hand to answer your bird questions, keep a daily list, and sell water, snacks, and field guides. Stop by and visit! Additionally GCBO hosts an online auction during the month. Don't forget to go online April 1 and start bidding! If you have an item for the auction and have not gotten the information to us, it is not too late. We will add items through the month. We look forward to seeing you out birding this month! Click below to start bidding.

Birdies for the Birds

On Monday, March 24, we held our second golf tournament fundraiser at The Wilderness Golf Club in Lake Jackson. We had wonderful support and want to thank our sponsors one more time. Eagle Sponsors were CenterPoint Energy, Freeport LNG, NRG, Phillips 66 Sweeny Refinery, RCI Engineering, and Sarah Flournoy. Team Sponsors were Bill Baker, Deep South Marine, DM Petroleum Operations, Drane Ranger, James Rodgers, Larry Heidbreder, Lockton Companies, Matula & Matula Construction Inc., Mike Williams, and Steve Gast. Volunteers that made the event flow smoothly were Lauri Baker, Shari Baird, Joan Holt, Tom Taroni, Dave Brandes and Keith Wise. Not to be forgotten, thank you to all members of the 21 teams and the Hole Sponsors! The organizing committee was Steve Gast, Claudia Thornton, Karen Cornelius, and Bill Baker.



Support Frontera Audubon

The Frontera Audubon Thicket in Weslaco, TX, a GCBO Site Partner, supports a myriad of migrant flycatchers, vireos, warblers, thrushes, grosbeaks, buntings and orioles as a resting and feeding stop on their long migratory journey. Resident birds include Lesser Goldfinches, Green Parakeets, and Red-crowned Parrots in the surrounding neighborhood. The 15-acre thicket has hosted such rarities as Roadside Hawk, Mangrove Cuckoo, Elegant Trogon, Blue Mockingbird, White-throated Thrush, Golden-crowned Warbler, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, and Blue Bunting. Frontera's "almost annual" bird-a-thon is coming up Saturday, April 5. You can support this fund raiser by pledging a per bird amount or just making a donation on behalf of a team. For more information check here.


Bird Camp

In June, GCBO will be hosting our annual day camp for 8-11 year olds. The camp will be held June 9-13 from 9:00 in the morning to 1:00 each day. The campers will engage in a variety of activities as we learn about our feathered friends. Each year we have repeat attendees because they had such a great time and did not want the week to end. So sign up your kids, friend's kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, and they will thank you for it. Please call GCBO and we will e-mail the forms to you. Our camp is limited in number of attendees because we want each camper to get lots of individual attention, so don't delay!

Spring TOS Meeting


GCBO is the host organization for the state wide Texas Ornithological Society spring meeting here in Lake Jackson. Loads of field trips are planned, there are guest speakers talking on a wide variety of ornithology topics in the afternoon and evenings and there will be a live raptor show on Friday. So get your registration forms in for the last weekend in April and come to the coast for spring! Migration will be at its peak so there is no telling what birds are going to be seen. Check here for registration forms and the full schedule of events.


Monthly Bird Banding at GCBO

It's April folks! The pretty birds are here and we hope to show you some at our bird banding session. Come join us from 8:00 til noon on Saturday, April 19th for our monthly bird banding session. Remember birds wake up at dawn so your best chance to see the most birds is early. Seeing birds in the hand is a great way to get kids excited about wildlife, but all ages are welcome. See the map on our webpage for directions or find a map by going to Mapquest or GoogleMaps.  Note that some other navigators will not take you to the correct location.

Photo of the Month

This photo of a Little Blue Heron was taken by GCBO board member Dave Brandes at our Birdies for the Birds Golf Tournament at The Wilderness in Lake Jackson. The Sparrowhawks team of Mike Gray, Jim Gray, Scott Holt, and Mike Williams spotted 48 species to win the most birds spotted while golfing challenge!

Bird Tip of the Month: Don't use grease, oil, petroleum jelly, or similar substances on your nest boxes or feeder poles or wires to thwart squirrels, ants, or other feeder-raiding creatures. If these substances come into contact with bird feathers they are impossible for the bird to preen or wash out. Gooey feathers can become useless for flight or insulation, thus putting the birds at risk to predators, extreme weather, and disease. For squirrels and other mammals, use a pole-mounted baffle (many are sold commercially). For ants, use an ant guard that prevents ants from reaching the feeder. Both baffles and ant guards are available on the internet or in retail sotres that sell an extensive array of backyard products.

Our Vision is a healthy ecosystem with abundant space for birds to survive and thrive around the Gulf of Mexico. | Telephone 979-480-0999 | Contact Us


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