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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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7 Reasons to Invest in East Austin College Prep
Southwest Key Programs

March, 2014


Today’s the day to Amplify Austin and we are proud to support East Austin College Prep. We hope you will join us for this 24-hour festival of giving and make a donation during this special event so that more kids in Austin's most underserved communities can receive a free, quality education and Amplify Austin can meet its goal to raise $4 Million in 24 hours for non-profits across Central Texas.



7 Reasons to Invest in East Austin College Prep


#1 Our Educators



EAPrep has recruited the best educators from all over the country to be part of our innovative school in an underserved community. Our teachers are on-call to our families until 9pm daily. They work nights and weekends providing tutoring, college visits, international travel, and community service opportunities to our students. Read our teacher profiles and discover the secret to EAPrep’s success and the #1 reason you should invest in our school during Amplify Austin!


#2 Our World-Class Orchestra


EAPrep is one of the few schools in the country to host the world-renowned youth orchestra El Sistema, brought to the US from Venezuela by Gustavo Dudamel. Our students receive free private music lessons and instruments and perform with the guidance of professional musician educators. Read this interview with Dr. G and student musician Belen to find out how it’s changing lives. “There are great opportunities through this program, we’re learning music and some of us could even get a scholarship!”  Amplify now!


#3 College-Bound Students



For too long children growing up in East Austin have been expected to settle in their educational and professional aspirations. At EAPrep we create a positive, nurturing atmosphere of high expectations: 100% of our students will go to college. Period. Watch this video and meet Salvador, who hopes to go to Stanford to become a doctor. “It's an honor graduating from 8th grade. But that means I'm going to have to be even more responsible and prepare for 9th grade. I hear that's when they really start looking at you for colleges." Amplify Now! 



#4 We’re Teaching Kids to Code!



EAPrep is the only school in America that offers the Globaloria video game design program as part of the daily curriculum for students grades 6 and up. Watch this video to see our students choose a social issue and build a game about it using math, research, problem solving, critical thinking and other career-building skills. Kids become engaged and excited about learning as they use their newfound skills to propose creative solutions for real-world problems. Amplify now!



#5 Our Superintendent, Dr. G



The future for our students is bright with Dr. Gonzales hard at work celebrating his 50 years in education by sharing his values and vision with the next generation of Austin leaders. Watch Dr. G’s video to hear how one of the first Hispanic Superintendent’s in the country got his start as a migrant worker. “I had hardworking parents who set high standards for our family and placed tremendous value on our education,” recalls Dr. Gonzales. “They set my moral compass and gave me a ‘never give up’ attitude, excellent teachers and mentors furthered my personal development by pushing me to exceed the personal expectations I had for myself." Amplify now!



#6 Our Health Promise Programs



Focusing on the whole child,  EAPrep provides free exercise and nutrition classes for parents and children to take together, intergenerational fitness for seniors, and lots of sports and nutritional programs before, during and after school. Watch this video to see how the program brought Maria and Ashley Sosa closer:  "I like exercising with my mom because it's like a bond: a mom and daughter bond." Amplify now!



#7 Our Parent Academy



EAPrep creates a support system around the entire family with free parent classes, a range of adult education and fitness programs, and free childcare, because nothing creates successful kids like successful adults! Watch this video to see how the program inspired Yolanda to get more involved:  “In the past I wasn't involved in my daughter's school. But with this school the teachers and staff--they keep asking you to get involved. They give you that extra push that some parents need. They make you feel included.” Amplify now!



Thank you for your support!


Whether you've been supporting East Austin College Prep from day one or you've joined us recently, EAPrep has touched your life in some way and that makes you the perfect person to help us spread the message. Please make a donation today and share the EAPrep Amplify Austin page with your friends and family along with your personal reasons for being involved. A recommendation from you is just the thing we need to help us make this fundraising event a success. Every dollar counts because whatever you donate will be matched by sponsors!





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