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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Shumla Archeaological Research & Education Center

February, 2014

 Volume 6, Number 2      

February 6, 2014 

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 Shumla in IMAX: 
Basically the Most Epic Thing You'll See All Year 
Shumla's staff will be on the road in February for a rare public event headlined by Shumla Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd. This could be your chance to get a sneak peak of some of the amazing work featured in Dr. Boyd's upcoming book. If you haven't done so, mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 25th, and find a way to get to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).

Aficionados of rock art will be in for a real treat with this lecture.  For the first time ever, Shumla's photographs and renderings of Lower Pecos rock art will be shown in a stunning IMAX format.  Lecture attendees will experience some of the best rock art in the world in a way available to only a select few researchers. See world-class rock art on the biggest of screens, and join Shumla researchers as they delve into the most minute features of these incredible paintings to learn how they were painted and what they could mean.
Dr. Carolyn Boyd will lead lecture attendees on an exciting exploration of Lower Pecos rock art using Shumla's technological innovations and an incredible IMAX format.  
Also speaking at the HMNS that day, Andrew Freeman will lead a teacher training on ways in which professional educators can introduce visual narrative into their history and social sciences curriculums. The teacher training will be a great opportunity for educators to get an under-the-hood look at the techniques Shumla has developed for our education programming.

Tickets are available through the HMNS website and can be purchased through the following links for Carolyn's presentation and Andrew's teachers' workshop.  We hope to see you there! 

Shumla Wish List

Shumla's library was the beneficiary of an act of incredible generosity: A donor who wishes to remain anonymous cleaned out our wish list, so staff had the enjoyable task of updating everything!  To our anonymous benefactor and all the other great folks who have given so generously this year, thank you!
Have we mentioned that we like getting books in the mail from our awesome donors?
So here is an all-new version of Shumla's wish list.  Have we mentioned that we really love our donors?  


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