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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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IEAS Has Something For that Special Someone!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

February, 2014

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News



IEAS has lots of great gift ideas for the animal lover in your life this Valentine’s Day! Each one is an amazing and unique way to show you care without the cliché of chocolates and flowers (although you can always get those too!), AND the profits of your gift purchase go directly to helping the Sanctuary animals!              



Romantic night planned? 
Start with the right wine!

By ordering a bottle from, a portion of what you spend will be donated to IEAS. Plus, each beautiful wine bottle features a resident of the Sanctuary! Order a bottle, and pour a glass for you and your sweetheart!


Does your special someone really LOVE 
animals? Is there one particular IEAS resident they're fond of? Consider Adopting an Animal for them! This program allows Adoptive Parents to come and visit their Adopted Animal at IEAS, taking part in theEmotional Enrichment Program and, with dedication, becoming a positive influence and friend in the life of their animal! It's an amazing way to have an exotic animal in your life. Plus, your monthly donation for adoption will directly benefit your adopted animal!

For more information, 
call 940-433-5091 
or click here!


Looking for something a little less long term to show you care? How about an Animal Packet? These packets allow their recipient to have a 
ONE TIME visit with the animal of your choice. 
It's an incredible experience to share time and space with these amazing animals, and your Valentine will appreciate your thought and care in both giving them the perfect gift AND donating the money (for your purchase) to the animals!

For more information,
call 940-433-5091
or click here!

While we don't recommend trying to cuddle with any of the IEAS residents, you may be looking for that perfect little STUFFED furry friend for your sweetheart to snuggle with! At IEAS, we've got plenty that your Valentine will love! From grizzly bears to tigers, from ring tailed lemurs to cheetahs, we've got the perfect WILD stuffed animal to put a smile on your Valentine's face! Stop by the IEAS Gift Shop (located at the Sanctuary in Boyd, TX) to pick one up today!



Don't forget that a visit to IEAS might be the perfect way to show how much you love your Valentine! 
Tours are an amazing experience for animal lovers, and a Valentine's Day tour will be a wonderful way to spend some time together. 

Wonder what your tour would be like? 
Check out some of these kind words from past tour visitors:

"It was a great experience. It was well worth the trip out there. The tour guide was very informative, and the gift shop well stocked with quality gifts. Most important, you provide a wonderful service to the cats and to the public for the privilege of seeing them. The animals are well taken care of and it shows. Will recommend to my friends." - John from Dallas, TX

"I have been to the Exotic Sanctuary several times, and not only do I never get tired of it, I always see something different. These cats are absolutely beautiful." - 
Lee Ann from Fort Worth, TX

"My husband and I visited the santuary a few years ago when they had just received the bears. I cannot tell you what a wonderful experiene it was for us. It was almost magical. To be that close to cougars, lions, tigers, leopards, and bears was something I will never forget." - 

To book your tour, click here or call 940-433-5091!

Speaking of tours, we are getting ready to be busy with lots of school tours this spring! Spring time is always a popular season for youth groups, school field trips, and other educational groups to visit the animals at IEAS and learn all they can about them. It's a wonderful way for kids to be completely immersed and engaged in the world of conservation and animals. There's no better way for them to learn! 

Now is the time to get your class or group signed up! 
Know a school or teacher who may be interested? Send them our way! 
Remember, we have special group rates for school tours!
Call 940-433-5091 for more information or to book your tour today!

Male American Black Bear
Born: February 4, 2008
Rescued: November 19, 2008 

Lucky has one of the gentlest spirits of any of the bears at IEAS. In his five acre Dorfman Bear Orphanage habitat, Lucky often acts as “big brother” to every one of this roommates. He is sweet and loving to all of his bear and human friends, and rarely seems more content than when he is playing in the meadow with a friend.

Aggie & Bertha
Female Brown Bears
Born: February 4, 2011
Rescued: June 9, 2013

Aggie and Bertha are two of the bears who came to IEAS from the dismal concrete bear pits of North Carolina. To say they have flourished would be an understatement! These two are loving their new home and have explored every inch! They’ll most likely spend their birthday in their favorite nap spots, relaxing happily!

Female Bengal Tiger
Born: February 14, 1993
Rescued: January 1, 1998

Isabella is one feisty tiger! You would never know that this amazing girl will be 21 years old this month. She looks and acts like a 4 year old! Age hasn’t slowed her down, and we know that she will spend her birthday with a close, playful eye on everyone around her habitat. Of course, she will take breaks to nap on her favorite perch!

Male American Black Bear
Born: February 15, 1993
Rescued: October 9, 2007

Bill was the first bear every rescued at IEAS, and we can’t believe he is turning 21 this month! A private bear, Bill likes to stick to his cave, but when the mood is right, he comes out to visit with us and explore his habitat. Though he’ll spend most of his birthday sleeping, we’ll be sure to bring him some birthday wishes!

Rowdy, Rascal, and Pixie
American Black Bears
Born: February 18, 2009
Rescued: June 16, 2009

These three young bears are growing up! Turning 5 this year, they are maturing all the time. They’ve become such independent bears, exploring and adventuring on their own, but they’re always sure to check back in with each other whenever they cross paths! It’s their sleepy season, so they’ll most likely be napping their birthday away!

Male American Black Bear
Born: February 28, 2009
Rescued: January 15, 2010

Scamp is growing up fast, but he and his pals, Scooter and Greta, still remind us of cubs when they’re playing! Scamp is like a big brother to his two younger roommates. He always stays close and keeps an eye on them! We’re sure to find these guys snuggled up together on Scamp’s birthday! 


Adopt A Sanctuary Animal today!

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary . P.O. Box 637, Boyd, TX 76023 , (940) 433-5091

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