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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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IEAS Asks You to Give a Little More Love This Season
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

December, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


Meet Cappy the capybara! She brings a brand new species to IEAS - we're really broadening our horizons lately, aren't we?! Cappy came to us after her owner realized that she could no longer care for her. She expressed her hope that Cappy would have a better life here at the Sanctuary, where she would receive the care and attention she needs and deserves. We certainly intend to give it to her! 

Capybaras are the world's largest rodent, and the Sanctuary's first herbivorous species! She's only been here for a few days, but we can already see that this sweet girl does her species proud. She's been a little shy so far, but she is so happy to have a habitat full of yummy grass to munch on. She started chomping on it within minutes of being here! She's already starting to warm up to her new family, getting more comfortable and confident each day. 

We hope that you'll all be out to see Cappy at IEAS soon! She is a beautiful girl, and we are honored to have the opportunity to care for her for the rest of her life! Already fallen in love with her? She's ready to be adopted!

Welcome home, Cappy! 

There’s no time like the present to help IEAS! In just a few days, 
IEAS has the opportunity to win up to $15,000 on top of receiving 
any number of donations from our wonderful supporters! 
It's Giving Tuesday!
Razoo, an online source for nonprofit fundraising, is sponsoring a day to give back - #GivingTuesday. The Razoo Foundation has generously contributed $100,000 in prizes to be donated to nonprofit organizations taking part in #GivingTuesday - like IEAS! Donations from supporters like you will be tallied all day long on Tuesday, December 3, and the best part? You can make your donation NOW and still have it count towards the contest!
There is a minimum donation of $10, and anyone can donate! You can click here to visit the Sanctuary's #GivingTuesday page. Remember! In order for your donation to count for the contest, you must donate on Tuesday, December 3 OR you must check the box "Make My Donation Count for #GivingTuesday!" 


There are lots of prizes being given out by Razoo in addition to the donations. In fact, there will be TWO leader boards to keep track of, each with a different set of prizes!
Top #GivingTuesday Fundraiser prizes will go to those who raise the most funds as part of their #GivingTuesday project. The Top Nonprofit Organization prizes will go to the all time fundraising nonprofit leaders on Razoo!

There will also be Golden Ticket prizes throughout #GivingTuesday
awarded to both participating donors and to nonprofits.

SIX $1,000 Power Hour Golden Tickets
will be awarded to the nonprofit
organization that receives the most 
for the selected hour!

TWELVE $375 Golden Tickets 
will be awarded to the lucky donors
drawn at random every other hour
of the day! 

Click here to read the FAQ about #GivingTuesday!

Thanks in advance for your help on #GivingTuesday! 

Wild about Reading!

A wonderful and educational gift for kids! These two beautifully illustrated books highlight one of the species living at IEAS - Moon bears! Jasper's Story tells of this special Moon bear's journey to a free and happy life and is written by Jill Robinson and Marc Bekoff (author of  The Emotional Lives of Animals). 

Moon Bear follows the life of a wild bear, highlighting his daily adventures. Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson, this story makes a fun, eduational tool for little ones to learn about the beauty and sentience of these amazing animals! 

This is a great opportunity to own a unique book that can teach kids all about bears like Tank and Asia, who are the Sanctuary's resident Moon bears! Then, they can visit IEAS and see the bears first hand - and even ADOPT them! 

Click here to order your copies! 

We know that many of you and yours love animals 
just as much as we do, so we are ready to make 
your holiday shopping a whole lot easier! Looking 
for something BIG to show how much you care? 
How about Adopting an Animal for them? For a varying monthly cost (depending on the animal you choose), you can give the gift of an incredible bond with an amazing animal! 

For more about Animal Adoptions, click here! 

Looking for something a little smaller, but just as awesome? Try an Animal Packet! These packets allow the recipient a one time visit with the animal of their choice! It's always awe-inspiring to share time and space with one of these magnificent animals, and now you can give that experience to a loved one!

Find out more about these Animal Packets 
by clicking 


Wild Reserves from IEAS!

Don't forget about the collectable wines available through Benefit Wines! These specialty bottles each feature a different wine and a different IEAS resident, making them unique and truly beautiful! Any and all of these bottles would make a wonderful gift for the animal (and wine) lover in your life! 

Click the wine bottles below to put in your order in time for the holidays! 


Shopping at IEAS!

Don't forget that the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Gift Shop, which is on site in Boyd, TX, is a great place to do your holiday shopping! Stocked with everything WILD, from t-shirts to stuffed animals and necklaces to coasters, the Gift Shop has everything you need to shop for the animal lovers in your life. 

Stop by and see us, and remember that all purchases made at IEAS are 100% tax deductible AND 100% of the profits go directly to the animals! It's an amazing way to find the perfect gift and simultaneously help the Sanctuary animals live a wonderful life! 


Male Cougar
Born: December 16, 2003
Arrived: March 8, 2011

When the promise of a meal or a treat is in the air, Duke isn’t too concerned about his human friends, but once this handsome cougar is full, he is ready to hang out! It takes some time to gain his trust, but once you do, he is eager for visits and lets out his affectionate chirps!

Female Bengal Tiger
Born: December 21, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011

Princess is such an affectionate girl! She loves visits with her most trusted friends, but one thing she might love even more is playing! This tiger loves to splash around in her pool or bat around her tire swing. She has even been known to pounce on her unsuspecting companion, Prince!


Simba III
Male Bengal Tiger
Born: December 23, 1995
Rescued: November 6, 1997

One of Simba’s all time favorite activities is making new friends. As soon as he hears a tour nearby, he stops what he is doing and comes over chuffing to say “hello!” He is a very proud tiger, and he loves to spend his evenings splashing around in his pool with his big boomer ball!


Big John 
Male Bengal Tiger
Born: December 25, 1992
Rescued: January 1, 1998

Big John is one of the Sanctuary’s oldest residents, turning 21 this year! All those years have taught John a few things, one of which is exactly how to spend each day right! John LOVES to relax and knows just how to find the perfect comfy spot and position for the best lounging! 


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