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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Shumla Archeaological Research & Education Center

December, 2013

 Volume 5, Number 6      

December 3rd, 2013  

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St. Cat's
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Shumla Hosts
Texas Archeological Society's 
2013 Annual Meeting 
On Friday, October 25th, the 84th Annual Meeting of the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) kicked off in Del Rio. Shumla assumed host duties for the 280 attendees. The meeting was headlined by rock art experts Drs. Larry Loendorf (Friday Night Public Forum) and Jim Keyser (banquet).  
Laura Beavers and Waldo Troell are all smiles at the banquet.
A great group of volunteers from Del Rio businesses and the Air Force helped to create a truly memorable meeting punctuated by an auction that raised $3,200 and a raffle basket that raised a staggering $1,800.
Elton Prewitt passes a resolution acknowledging that Shumla throws pretty awesome parties.

The Rock Art Foundation contributed a donation of incredible generosity to the meeting, hosting free tours for participants to Meyer's Springs, Seminole Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Painted Shelter and White Shaman.  Shumla's staff and Board extends our heart-felt thanks to the Rock Art Foundation, the City of Del Rio, the Del Rio CVB, the Bank & Trust of Del Rio, Humanities Texas, our exceptional volunteers and all of the sponsors who contributed to the meeting.

St. Catherine's Students
Visit Shumla, Lower Pecos

From November 11th to November 16th, Shumla hosted the Adolescent Community from St. Catherine's Montessori in Houston for an exciting exploration of Lower Pecos archaeology.  The program started with lectures on regional archaeology and included programming at Seminole Canyon, two days in Eagle Nest Canyon, White Shaman and the Shumla campus.
The generosity of the Skiles family allowed students to study the rock art in Eagle Cave and Skiles Cave.
Students engaged topics including modern perceptions of hunter-gatherer peoples, creating attributes for rock art classification, on-site rock art recording, lab time with Shumla archaeologists, ethnographic research and the ever-popular hunter-gatherer lifeways stations.  
Shumla's long-suffering javelina and deer targets endured further abuse at the hands of a determined band of hunters.
"This program was truly a group effort," stated Deputy Director Andrew Freeman.  "In addition to our staff, we had TAS President Wendy Lockwood making great food for the kids, support from the folks at Seminole Canyon State Park who let us use their facilities, and site access from the Skiles family and the Rock Art Foundation.  We're also still in awe of the programs that National Park Service Archaeologist Jack Johnson gave each evening." (Readers who don't know how fun Shumla programs can be, or who haven't realized what boomerang-family weapons can do to pumpkins--and Go Pro cameras for that matter--should take a look.)
Even pumpkins didn't escape our hunters' attention.  
Shumla's staff sends a big "thank you" to the great folks at St. Catherine's for another outstanding education program.

Support Shumla through
End-of-Year Giving 
Shumla is on the verge of meeting its fundraising goals for the year, and we need your help.  Our staff and Board are working to raise $20,000 before January 31st, 2014 to support our ongoing work in the Border Canyonlands Archaeological Project. 
Shumla's money cactus is still growing.  Help us to complete this year's fundraising goals.
Shumla Board President Emil Zuberbueler summed up the importance of year-end giving, saying "Shumla appreciates your financial support year-round every year, but this year's-end marks a special moment for us to treasure your gifts. For donors, it is the season to take stock of your commitment to making this world a better place and deciding how to honor your passions, your interests, your loved ones with charitable giving.  For Shumla, it is a time for assessing our future. The total level of 2013 giving will govern what we can plan, or cannot plan, for the coming years. Your decisions now are critical to us.  We hope our inspirations come together in a way that we all celebrate.  In other words, we will all greatly benefit from your year-end gift to Shumla."

Shumla Wish List

This season, Shumla is grateful for the many wonderful donors who have contributed to our operations.  Our library continues to flourish with the support of our wonderful donor community!
As always, here is Shumla's wish list.  Your support and generosity are appreciated!


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