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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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A New Season at IEAS
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

September, 2013


International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


Summer is coming to an end, though Mother Nature isn't acting like it! The hot weather hasn't started tapering off here at IEAS, but we know that it's time to start preparing for the next season.

We've got lots happening here at the Sanctuary, particularly with our three new cubs keeping us on our toes. Even still, we have said goodbye to our Summer Interns and welcome six new faces to IEAS. Starting today, these new interns will dive headfirst into Sanctuary work, which involves everything from cleaning up habitats to performing routine maintenance, and encompasses a wide range of new skills and experiences, including our Emotional Enrichment Program! We're excited to have Gentry, Anne, Katherine, Samantha, Jennifer, and Chelsea join Taylor and Jen, who will be continuing as 6-month interns, as part of the IEAS team, and we hope they're all ready and eager to learn! 

With a new school year underway, we're excited for the prospect of school tours! We always have a number of large groups come out from all over the area, and we love welcoming them to the Sanctuary and teaching them all we can about the animals they meet here. Additionally, with a few of them under our belt, we hope to book a few virtual tours this school year! In the past year, we have had virtual "visitors" from all over the country, including places as far as Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania! It's amazing to be able to introduce students all over the U.S. to animals they may otherwise be unable to see and learn from. During these Skype tours, students get to be virtually sniffed, chuffed at, and immersed in the life of the animals at IEAS! We've gotten great feedback from our virtual visitors, including this testimonial:
"Our virtual tour with [IEAS Education Coordinator] Nissa was exceptional! We were able to visit Texas and see animals we would never see at our local zoos. Nissa was very informative and kept the kids engaged throughout this video format. At the end, kids were able to ask questions. Nissa was extremely knowledgeable about each and every animal. This helped the kids remember a great deal. I was shocked at the facts they retained when discussing and writing thank you notes later in the day and week. Thank you all for this experience!"
                                                    - Shelly Crist  (1st grade teacher at Bemus Point Elementary in western New York)
We really hope that we will see students from all over Texas, and the country, out at IEAS this school year! Have a student, teacher, or class that is interested? Read more about tours here. To book a regular tour, call 940-433-5091! For more information or to book a virtual tour, e-mail us at!

It’s that time of year again! The North Texas Giving Day is right around the corner, and that means your donation can go even further! If you donate to IEAS on September 19th between the hours of 7 AM and midnight, your donation will be matched at some percentage. Essentially, Give $25 or more and your donation will be amplified by bonus funds and prizes totaling $1.5 million. Click here and here for more info, and be sure to keep a close eye on our Facebook page for reminders about this awesome day! 


Female Cougar
Born: September 8, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011

Duchess is such a striking cougar, and she knows it! This girl knows how to pose, and her beautiful eyes will certainly catch your attention! She's also amazingly agile, moving silently and swiftly through her habitat! She's a private cougar, but does enjoy visits with her favorite friends. 

Male Cougar
Born: September 21, 2003
Rescued: February 23, 2004

Mau is definitely a handsome cheetah!  He keeps a sharp eye on everything going on around him, and has an air about him that suggests he believes himself to be king of the sanctuary! He watches over all of us, and we are always happy to stop by for a visit with him!

Male Tiger
Born: September 23, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011

Prince is a very proud tiger, and while it is difficult to gain his trust, he truly enjoys visits from those he trusts most. However, his favorite friend is his companion Princess. As she is much more playful than he is, she loves to keep him on his toes. Occasionally, he even likes to sneak up on her! 

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