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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Feral Friends - Help For Injured Feral Cats
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance

September, 2013

Feral Friends has recently helped two special feral cats who were in need of extensive medical care.  They are both making full recoveries and have caregivers who have their best interests at heart and are caring for them as they recover.
One Eye KittyOne-Eyed Kitty
This sweet little girl had a very damaged eye. The caregiver is not sure what happened to the eye, but it was determined it had to be taken out so the kitty would not be in any more pain.  She has recently been re-released to join the rest of her cat colony and is doing very well. Thank you to Dr. Amy Hakert at Valley View Pet Health Center for doing such a wonderful job!

Grimms Before
Before Surgery
We realize Grimms' before picture is very graphic, but it is a testament to the incredible endurance the kitty has.  The pain had to be very intense for this little girl.  Her caregiver said she had gone missing for about a week, and when she returned, the before picture is what she saw.  All the skin and muscle had been torn from the bone on her back leg. The injured leg had to be amputated, and Grimms came through the surgery like a champ!  She is now home with her caregiver while she begins what will be about a month of recovery time. It is lucky that Grimms is calm enough with her people that she trusts them and allows them to handle her so they can give her the care she needs.  Thank you to Dr. Morris of the Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth for performing this surgery!
Grimms Trap
On Our Way To The Vet
We could not continue to help these difficult cases without the wonderful help of our supporters!  Please consider making a donation toward these two kitties so we can help them, and also other ferals who will need our help in the future! Click here and select "Injured Feral Cats."
Thank you!

Pam Asturias
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance


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