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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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A Lion, a Tiger, a Bear...
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

August, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


 It is extremely rare for a Sanctuary like IEAS to 
become home to baby animals, but right now, 
we are so happy to have become home to 
THREE young cubs all at once!

Odin, a lion cub, came to IEAS after spending the first few months of his life being used for profit in photo opportunities. Now, at almost five months old, Odin spends his time doing whatever he pleases! He is enjoying, and already benefitting immensely from, proper diet and nutrition. With all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and supplements added into his meat, which is specially formulated for big cats, this growing boy is strong, healthy, and getting bigger every day!  This young lion has a gentle nature, and finds true comfort in visits from his new human friends. His affectionate and loving demeanor has been enhanced considerably by the Emotional Enrichment Program that our Animal Behaviorist has designed and that all who work with Odin employ. In the short time that he has been here, Odin has formed incredible bonds and loves the company of his human caregivers. We are truly honored to be a part of his new life! Odin is so playful, active, and confident. He loves his toys, most specifically – his rope ball. He will run as fast as he can to pounce on it, then roll all over with it!

Saber, a white tiger cub, is a bit younger at only ten weeks old. He came from the same place as Odin. Saber is so full of energy, and growing faster than we can blink. Currently weighing in at 18.6 pounds, we can already tell that this handsome young boy is going to grow into a BIG tiger; you can almost see him grow! His appetite is great, and it has been amazing to watch his confidence and security grow here at IEAS. From the initially wobbly legs he arrived with, Saber has become stronger and sturdier, and his agility is improving daily. We love to see him bounding around, climbing on logs, and skillfully practicing stalking! He is always sure to come back and visit with his friends. Saber’s loving chuffs and nuzzles show us just how content and secure he is in his new home and with his new family. He is starting with theEmotional Enrichment Program designed by our Animal Behaviorist at a young age, and he is already showing us how quickly and positively it effects him. He is extremely loving and gentle with his caregivers as they are to him, and we are sure that Saber will grow up to be a loving, stable, confident, secure, and content tiger. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow!

Chewy, a seven month old brown bear cub, was donated to IEAS by Bear Path Acres in Virginia in loving memory of Joshua Ryan Padelt. It didn’t take long for this spirited little bear to find a spot in our hearts. Chewy truly loves spending time with her human friends and the feeling is VERY mutual. We truly cherish the moments that we get to spend with this affectionate little bear. Her favorite thing is to sit in the lap of our Behaviorist, though she is getting a bit large to comfortably fit. She does love to lie on her back and have her tummy tickled while playing with one's hands with her feet. She is always eager to lean against us as she enjoys her grapes (her favorite food!) and loves to check in with us as she splashes in her pool, plays with tree branches, or explores her habitat. She comes over as if she is checking to see if we were watching all of the stuff she’d been doing, and we always are! We love to watch this girl grow in both size and personality every day. She has become so secure in her new home, and becomes more independent all the time. With the implementation of the Emotional Enrichment Programdesigned by our Animal Behaviorist, she is growing from a playful cub to a confident and loving yearling brown bear.

And don’t forget! As you may already know from following our Blog and Facebook - a white nosed coatimundi and a lemur recently found their way to Boyd, TX after those who had them as pets were found to be without the proper permits. Now, these two have plenty of room in their natural, outdoor habitats to explore. They’ve both been settling in well, adjusting quickly to their new lives. From bouncing and playing to investigating every new nook and cranny, it is evident that they are both fully embracing their new home! Click hereto read more about these two new members of the IEAS family.



The eleven bears who recently found their "sanctuary" here at IEAS have been doing amazingly well. They are all adjusting at different paces, but each and every one of them is settling in positively and so evidently embracing the opportunities their new home provides. We've already seen them acting like real bears - napping in the shade of the thick brush of each 1+ acre habitat, rubbing their backs on the bark of trees to get to that itch, and digging in the dirt - all natural behaviors they had been denied before coming to IEAS. To see a video from PETA depicting the rescue of the bears, click here. It's a wonderful look at how much their lives have changed. You can also look at the Lonestar Adventures segment on the bears, click here. We want to continue to thank each and every one of you who has supported these special bears in their journey. They wouldn't be here without your help, and the plight of these bears has reached ears across the nation, gaining even more support for their care and well-being. We couldn't be more proud to be providing them with the best second chance we can offer! To donate to support these bears, click here.

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