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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Shumla Archeaological Research & Education Center

August, 2013

 Volume 5, Number 4        

July 24, 2013  

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Old Staff, New Staff
2013 Field School
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Shumla to Host
2013 TAS Annual Meeting

Join the TAS and your host Shumla for the Annual Meeting in Del Rio, Texas from Friday, 10/25/2013 through Sunday, 10/27/2013.  All TAS members are invited, and non-members can participate for a slightly higher fee.  Meeting activities will be conducted at the centrally located Del Rio Civic Center, a short walk from the conference lodging.  Special arrangements have been made with hotels including the Ramada Inn, La Quinta and Holiday Inn Express.    

The TAS Annual Meeting will provide attendees with many opportunities to explore Val Verde County.

The Public Forum speaker will be Dr. Lawrence Lowendorf, Executive Director of Sacred Sites Research. Dr. Lowendorf will give a presentation titled "Medicine Wheels and Buffalo Caves: Where They Went Down by the Will of the Sun."  Dr. Lowendorf is a widely published author who has spent the last 30 years focusing on rock art research. The Public Forum will be held on Friday, 10/25/2013 at 7 p.m. in the Del Rio Civic Center and is free to the public.  

Dr. Lawrence Lowendorf's presentation will be free to the public.

Dr. James Keyser's presentation "Recounting Days of Glory: Plains Indians Biographic Rock Art" will be given at Saturday night's banquet. Dr. Keyser has more than 150 archeology publications of which more than 100 concern rock art, robe art, or ledger art.  He is the author of seven books including  Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau, The Five Crows Ledger: Warrior Art of the Flathead Indians, Plains Indian Rock Art (with Michael Klassen), L'Art des Indiens des Grandes Plaines (LeSeuil, France), and Art of the Warriors:  Rock Art of the Great Plains.

Dr. James Keyser will be the banquet speaker.

A major highlight for the weekend will be the side excursions to some of the best archeological sites in the region: White Shaman, Painted Canyon, Lewis Canyon, Fate Bell and Meyer's Springs.  Many of these sites are rarely accessible to the general public, and the great folks at the Rock Art Foundation have arranged guided tours of these sites.

Questions can be addressed to Andrew Freeman or 432-292-4848.  We hope to see you there! A draft program schedule is available here.

A Changing of the Guard

This July, two archeologists whose names are practically synonymous with Shumla's research programs will depart to pursue new academic and professional opportunities.  Long-time Project Archeologist Amanda Castaneda will begin graduate school this fall. Dr. Carolyn Boyd summed up Amanda's departure, saying "I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for Amanda. But I also can't begin to express how deeply she will be missed. Not only has she proven herself to be an incredibly brilliant and competent researcher, she has been a joy to work with.  Amanda is more than a great employee, she is a dear friend."  
Dangerous climbs? Truck doors to the head?  Nothing fazed Project Archeologist Amanda Castaneda during her extraordinary (and harrowing) tenure at Shumla.  
Staff Archeologist Charles Koenig is leaving to pursue work with Texas State University.  Shumla Research Advisory Board member Steve Black stated "Charles has what it takes to develop into a stellar archaeologist: equal parts intellect, curiosity, brawn and determination. He is well on the way! Shumla's loss is my Ancient Southwest Texas research project's gain." Readers should expect to hear more from Amanda and Charles as both will continue to participate in the ground-breaking research conducted by Shumla and Texas State in the Lower Pecos.
Staff Archeologist Charles Koenig could create amazing 3D renderings of sites with Shumla's super computer and could start fires by rubbing two sticks together.    
As Amanda and Charles prepare to depart Shumla, a new Staff Archeologist and Student Intern are discovering the intricacies of the research program. "We are very excited to begin working with the two newest members of the Shumla family: Vicky Munoz and Jeremy Freeman," noted Charles Koenig.  "Vicky Munoz is starting a year-long internship after receiving her undergraduate degree from Texas State University. Vicky has been working in the Lower Pecos since she participated in Dr. Steve Black's 2011 field school, and we look forward to the contributions she will be making to our ongoing education and research programs.  Jeremy Freeman comes to Shumla from Ohio, where he has been working in CRM and archeological education for several years.  Jeremy will be bringing new insights and experiences to further both research and education objectives."
Vicky and Jeremy, hard at work in the research house library.
Shumla's staff and Board wish Amanda and Charles the best of luck in their future endeavors, and welcome Jeremy and Vicky to the Shumla Familia! 

2013 Field School Wrap-Up
The 2013 Field School is in the books, and Project Archeologist Amanda Castaneda reported,  
"The field school participants worked hard for five weeks and learned a diverse set of skills in rock art research, excavation, and survey. With the help of the students, Shumla documented rock art at four different sites. We could not be more pleased with the work completed. "
The 2013 Field School at Eagle Nest Canyon.
Field School instructor Dr. Steve Black was equally enthusiastic about the first combined rock art and dirt arcehology field school in Shumla's history. "The 2013 Eagle Nest Canyon Field School was a tremendously rewarding educational experience for all involved.  The combination of dirt and rock art archeology and the spectacular setting was unique among archeological field schools past and present.  At times it was hot, windy, and wet from sweat and rain, but we stretched our minds and muscles, honed traditional and cutting-edge skills, and we had a lot of fun." The diversity of learning opportunities afforded students--from traditional excavations to employing Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry to capturing rock art attribute data through tablet systems--created a field school experience that will shape the perspectives and professional lives of the next generation of archeologists, and will help researchers to better understand hunter-gatherer lifeways in the Lower Pecos.     
Dr. Carolyn Boyd with the Field School's generous hosts, the Skiles Family.
Thank you to the Skiles family, and all of the wonderful students and instructors who made this Field School so memorable.

The Field School photo album on Facebook is available here.

SHUMLA Wish List

SHUMLA's library continues to flourish with the support of our wonderful donor community!
As always, here is SHUMLA's wish list.  Your support and generosity are appreciated!


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