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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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The Good News for Kids
Texans Care for Children

June, 2013

SB 376 Success Pic
SUCCESS: School Breakfasts Coming for More Kids
The governor signed into law SB 376, the school breakfasts bill. In schools and districts where 80% or more students come from low-income homes,  fewer kids will start the school day hungry as schools will offer every child breakfast.
The Good News for Kids
Texas took some big steps in the right direction for kids and families this legislative session. And people like you speaking out for kids helped make it happen. Here at Texans Care for Children, we work with you and with dedicated elected officials to fight against proposals that are wrong for kids and advance progress instead.
The session wasn't perfect, and the excitement isn't over. (Lawmakers are still at work in a special session, and some bills could meet a veto.) But we wanted to dedicate our June e-news to just a few of the successes so far. 
HB 376 Success Pic
SUCCESS: Child Care Environments Improved
The environments in children's early years play a crucial role in the ongoing process of building young minds. That is why high quality child care has such a far-reaching impact.
For many of the poorest children, whose families receive a subsidy for child care, that type of care is usually out of reach.
Fortunately, awaiting the governor's signature is HB 376, a bill we and our Texas Early Education Alliance team worked hard to advance into law. It will improve our child care subsidy system with new incentives for quality care for low-income children. And more children getting quality care, so they enter school ready to learn, is good for every Texan.
Forget ties and power tools… 
  This year, give Dad the gift of a bright Texas future with your donation to Texans Care.
Dads across Texas want our state to be great for their children and grandchildren. Here at Texans Care for Children, our work is all about seeing that our state meets its future promise—something that happens when we do right by our Texas kids.
On Father's Day, what could be more meaningful than a gift to the future of Texas? 
Please consider a Father's Day gift in support of our work for a strong Texas tomorrow. Each dollar donated to Texans Care for Children translates into positive change in the lives of our state's children.

With your gift, we can ensure the next generation of Texas leaders have what they need to ensure a bright future for our state. Please donate now.
SUCCESS: More Resources for Moms and Babies 
This year's legislature improved the state's investment in women’s preventive healthcare and early childhood interventions. About 147,000 women lost access to preventive healthcare in 2011, but advocates fought hard this year to restore full preventive health care funding to benefit women and their families. More resources will also help serve babies and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities.
SUCCESS: Children's Mental Health Supported
Several key bills passed to address kids' mental wellbeing. Now schools and communities will be better equipped to help children with mental health concerns. Legislators also passed SB 44 and dedicated $2 million in funding to help families of severely challenged kids facing having to choose between turning their child over to CPS or leaving that child without desperately needed help. 
Children's Mental Health Forum 
9:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 26

Partners in Child Protection Reform
10 a.m., Wednesday, June 26
Texas Behavioral Health Institute
10:30 a.m., Thursday, July 25

Our "Lege recap" is coming soon!

In our report, we'll share more successes related to…
  • Curbing criminal citations of school children 
  • Empowering foster kids 
  • Improving pre-K access and quality
  • Bringing more of the positive into Texas schools
…and much more!


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