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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Great Start to Summer at IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

June, 2013


We've had a wonderful start to summer here at IEAS, 
with even more excitement to come! 
We hope you'll stay tuned for what's in store!

What a special month it has been for IEAS! We are so happy to introduce you to the newest resident of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary! 

Meet Misha! Misha, whose name means "teddy bear" in Russian, is an approximately twelve week old brown bear cub who was confiscated from an individual in Maryland and brought to the Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV). It is suspected that she is, more specifically, a Syrian brown bear, but DNA has been sent out to confirm her exact subspecies. Given that she has been raised, up to this point, by humans, it was deemed that she was not suitable for rehabilitation and release. Instead, the WCV, Department of Game and Inland Fishers, and/or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service arranged for her placement with us. After a short bout with ringworm, she was ready to come to her new home! 


Misha was flown to Texas by friends of WCV (and now friends of IEAS!), Dr. Larry Patterson and Mrs. Jessica Patterson from Tennessee. We can't thank them enough for their donation of transportation for this special little cub. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to the staff and supporters of Wildlife Center of Virginia who have already become our new friends! We look forward to seeing you all out in Texas to visit Misha!
So far, Misha has been doing amazingly well in her new home. Her confidence grows by the hour, and with the help of our Emotional Enrichment Program, she's making leaps and bounds in her security and trust. There will be plenty of pictures, videos, and updates to come so stay tuned for more about this gorgeous new cub on our websiteFacebook, and Blog

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Male Siberian Tiger
Born: June 1, 1997
Rescued: February 18, 1998

Caesar is one of the proudest animals at IEAS. He always holds his head high, and while he likes to let us know that his space is just that – his, he does enjoy visits from his most trusted friends. He will always come over to the fence and lay down with them, peacefully snoozing during their visit!

Kimberly and Karen
Female White Bengal Tigers
Born: June 16, 2008
Rescued: June 2, 2009

Kimberly and Karen are two of the most playful tigers at IEAS. They love to run around and pounce on each other, particularly when the other isn’t expecting it! When one doesn’t feel like playing, it’s the boomer ball’s turn! When play time is over, these girls are often snuggled up together for a nap!




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