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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Shumla School

May, 2013

 Volume 5, Number 2        

April 30, 2013  

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Pecos Experience 2013
Job Opening: Staff Archeologist
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2013 Rancher Steward Program
Connects Local Community 
to Shumla
On April 6th, 2013 Shumla hosted the annual Rancher-Stewards BBQ. Presentations from research and education staff and a generous donation of excellent BBQ from Hank Whitman, retired Chief of the Texas Rangers, ensured that guests were both well informed and well fed.
Hank Whitman donated excellent BBQ and sides, earning rave reviews from program guests. 
Shumla Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd noted "We couldn't have asked for a better program. Mr. Whitman's generosity and the work of our staff and volunteers made for a really memorable program."  
Amanda Castaneda and Jack Harrington entertain a surprise guest.
Shumla's staff and Board would like to thank members of the local community who took the time to join us for the 2013 program. We also thank our many volunteers and friends and our partners at the Rock Art Foundation, the National Park Service, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas State University who contribute to Shumla's work with local landowners.   

New Technologies to Illuminate
Lower Pecos Rock Art for Field School Students

In June, students from Texas State University will arrive on the Shumla campus to begin a month-long field school under the direction of Shumla Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd and Texas State professor and Shumla Research Advisory Board member Dr. Steve Black. The 2013 field school will include both dirt archeology and rock art archeology, and Shumla's research team plans to introduce students to a number of exciting new technologies for rock art documentation.
Dr. Carolyn Boyd and Amanda Castaneda demonstrate the Wacom tablets' capabilities.
 "Our Wacom tablets have really changed the ways in which we record and document rock art," noted Dr. Carolyn Boyd.  "This technology will be crucial to helping students to engage the region's rock art, and will help them to understand the complexity of these panels."  
Field School students will have opportunities to use developing technologies to explore the complex layering and interweaving of images in the region's rock art.
Staff has added Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere 11 to the top of the wishlist.  This inexpensive technology upgrade will purchase new licenses and create an opportunity for Field School students to explore the ways in which imaging technology impacts rock art research.  

Shumla's 2013 Programming Season 
Serves Thousands of Border-Area Students

In January of 2013, education staff took on one of the busiest programming seasons in Shumla's history.  "Last year we served over 11 distinct districts and delivered programs to districts from Marathon to Houston.  In 2013, we're building on that momentum and delivering a really exciting group of projects for school districts in Brewster, Val Verde, Maverick and Bexar Counties," noted Deputy Executive Director Andrew Freeman. "Our Maverick County project has been huge; we've delivered 14 programs for 5th graders in Quemado and Eagle Pass, and we're planning new projects that will build service partnerships with districts throughout south and west Texas."
Eagle Pass ISD students prepare for an exciting day on Shumla's campus.
In May, Shumla's education staff will be hosting students from Comstock ISD and St. James School in Del Rio on the Shumla campus. Staff will also go on the road to visit two middle schools in the South San Antonio ISD.  These mobile programs are a critical tool for bringing Shumla's education programming to a more geographically diverse group of districts.  
Education Director Val Varner works with students at the friction fire station.
Staff is already building an ambitious fall programming plan that includes services for students from Sonora to Houston, and we're always looking for opportunities to work with new districts.  To find out more about bringing your students to Shumla's campus or getting education staff to visit you school, email Community Partners Coordinator Megan Hennessy at or call 432-292-4848. 

SHUMLA Wish List

SHUMLA's library continues to flourish with the support of our wonderful donor community!
As always, here is SHUMLA's wish list.  Your support and generosity are appreciated!


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