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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Lawndale Art Center Newsletter: Upcoming Exhibitions & Events!
Lawndale Art Center

May, 2013

4912 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 | 713.528.5858 
Lawndale Art Center Newsletter
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
In This Issue
Upcoming Exhibitions
Round 7 | DOMOKOS / FUTURE BLONDES, Nancy Douthey & Patrick Turk
I'll Send The Message Along The Wires | Justin Boyd
Halls without walls... | Abhidnya Ghuge
PRECARIOT | Massa Lemu
Upcoming Events
Artist Opportunities
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Many thanks to all of the sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers whose participation and support made this one of the best Design Fairs to date! Your generous contributions enable Lawndale to continue its mission of developing local contemporary artists and the audience for their art.

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April 23-27, 2014  
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Lawndale Art Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on individual donations and memberships, along with government and foundation grants to support annual exhibitions and programming.

Houston Museum District

On View  

May 10 - April 20, 2013


Opening Reception
Friday, May 10, 2013
6:30 - 8:30 PM, Artist talks at 6 PM  



Lawndale Artist Studio Program Exhibition

Also on view...

The Lawndale Artist Studio Program is part of Lawndale's ongoing commitment to support the creation of contemporary art by Gulf Coast area artists. With an emphasis on emerging practices, the program provides three artists with financial support and a studio space and on the third floor of Lawndale Art Center. This exhibition features residents for the seventh round of the program, DOMOKOS  /  FUTURE BLONDES (Domokos Benczédi), Nancy Douthey & Patrick Turk.


DOMOKOS  /  FUTURE BLONDES presents new works on aluminum, installations, disposable/free items, video manipulations and a sound series to accompany his new body of work created during Lawndale's 2012-2013 Artists Studio Program. These works are a visual / aural extension of the sound and concept of his ongoing work with the experimental music project, future blondes network / network / .


Nancy Douthey

Nancy Douthey wanders through the Lawndale halls in Dom's polkadot pajama pants and oversized slippers. He has let her borrow these items in an attempt to help her look presentable for tonight's guest. She has locked herself out of the studio for the fourth time  - this time without pants and only in a blue striped button down men's shirt in which she has a three foot pile of in the studio and has given as a gift only once to Lane Hagood. Meanwhile, Patrick hosts the Looking at Art collectors group and is in no position to provide words of comfort or advice - she loves his advice. Her phone is also locked in the studio. She tries to use Facebook on Dom's computer from 2001 to make contact with the outside world - this world consists of one person - Dennis Nance. She is known to make regular late night phone calls to Dennis requesting the third set of keys to get back into her studio all the while trying to take a bath in the large industrial sink on the third floor with the orange industrial soap in order to wash all the pink sugar off of her body in hopes of regaining a good grip on the 10 lb. camera she is borrowing from her cop friend that she met during her last car accident on the way to work. She is making work based on ideas around the drama of performance and the mystery of what is and what might be and what we can only wish for.


Patrick Turk's highly detailed collages not only use images of the body, or body parts, but are meant to excite a physiological experience for the viewer. Turk is a story teller who uses psychedelic movements and intricate designs to captivate the viewer and bring them into an exotic reality where the body becomes more than it seems. The work produced during the Lawndale Artist Studio Program is a glimpse into Earth's future as The Superorganism, in which the planet's surface becomes one gigantic, interconnected biomass comprised of all of the flora and fauna on Earth.  The integration is both biological and telepathic creating a planetary network in which the whole truly is comprised by the sum of its parts. This transformation begins as a last ditch effort to save humanity, reduced by plague, from imminent extinction.


Patrick Turk's website  



Through installations, sculptures, videos, and sound pieces, Justin Boyd's work explores Americana and the American Landscape in search of true American spirit and inspiration. In finding these moments and stories that define us and the environment we live in, it is Boyd's hope to make work that expands upon those histories and locations, and opens them up for current day exploration and participation. Boyd will be creating a site-derived sound installation in the Cecily E. Horton Gallery employing the sounds of heartbeats, railroads, comets and homecoming mum-bells.


Halls without walls,
room to feel in.
The door awaits,
your return within.
Abhidnya Ghuge

Abhidnya Ghuge's installation begins with an original wood block carving that is printed on thousands of paper plates, which are transformed through simple folds to create a larger organic form. For Ghuge, the meditative process of carving the woodblock, printing and transformation of the paper plates suggests the possibility of preciousness and indispensable beauty. The site-specificity of the installation allows the form to change, thus echoing the global and ever changing nature of "home" in today's fast pace, mobile culture.


Abhidnya Ghuge's website 


Massa Lemu

PRECARIOT is a self-portrait of the artist as a continental drifter in perpetual precarity. The Precariat is a term that combines the word "proletariat" with "precarious" to describe an emerging "barbarian" class of migrant laborers and professionals living and working precariously, holding temporary underpaid jobs, lacking a political voice and increasingly frustrated by their living and working conditions. Attracted by its revolutionary aspects, Massa Lemu embraces the label and adopts it as his title. For Lemu the old patriot was proud of, and ready to die for fatherland, the "precariot" however is one whose only possession is the unstable and indeterminate terrain of precarity, staking claims and maneuvering in this uncertain landscape. In the age of heightened mobility, PRECARIOT focuses on processes of inspection and scrutiny, labeling and branding to highlight the realities of migration.


Also on view...
through January 2014

Daniel Anguilu & Aaron Parazette

Skywriting is a collaboration between artists Daniel Anguilu and Aaron Parazette. This project is the third phase of the rotating mural at Lawndale Art Center. Both painters employ forms of
abstract patterns in their work, though their individual approach differs greatly. Anguilu's intuitive approach to painting outdoor spaces results in gestural forms that take shape on the wall, while the clean lines and mathematical forms of Parazette's work result from a more calculated approach to painting.

This project is generously sponsored by Kinzelman Art Consulting, Judy & Scott Nyquist, Deborah Perl, Mellow Mushroom and Power Electrical. 
Upcoming Events

Performance Workshop with Nancy Douthey
Saturday, May 18, 2013
1 - 3 PM
Free - Registration required    


Come explore performance exercises that will inspire and refresh any creative process through the act of doing. This workshop is for people interested in instant performance, writing, thinking and working as an individual as well as participating in a group. Registration for this event is limited to 10 participants. Click here to register.


Collage Workshops with Patrick Turk
Saturday, May 25, 2013 & June 1, 2013
1 - 3 PM
$10 materials fee - Registration required 


Join collage artist Patrick Turk as he demystifies the collage processes he has spent nearly 15 years developing. This workshop will focus on every step of the collage process from choosing and cutting materials, what type of adhesives to use and how to apply them, and planning and executing collage compositions.

This workshop will be limited to 15 spaces for each day. All necessary materials will be supplied, but participants are encouraged to bring any specific imagery that they are interested in incorporating into their collages.

Click here to register. The $10 materials fee will be collected at the workshop.    



Houston Experimental Underground Sound Series Matinee
Saturday, June 8, 2013
12 - 5 PM


Please join us on June 8, 2013 for the live aural accompaniment DOMOKOS / FUTURE BLONDES Feather 17 installation with Houston's finest underground experimental ensembles NIGHT AT NOON, RU-486, GREY CELL, THRASCHEN (T. Kerschen + Erika Farmer of INDIAN JEWELRY), BLACK LEATHER JESUS, HOW I QUIT CRACK, SKULLCASTER and FUTURE BLONDES. These acts have been vibrating in Houston's most shadowy corners for the last 20+ years. There will be live video mixing + endless sound pleasures/discomforts from 12 to 5 PM. Please feel free to document the event for a video collage to be edited after the show.

Artist Opportunities

2013-2014 Lawndale Artist Studio Program
Deadline: May 31, 2013 


Applications for the 2013-2014 Lawndale Artist Studio Program are now being accepted online via This program provides three artists with studio space on the third floor of Lawndale Art Center, a monthly stipend, materials budget and exhibition in May 2014. Participating artists are expected to spend a minimum of 16 hours a week in the studio and organize a workshop for the general public and the local arts community to share their practice or explore a related topic. Please visit our website for complete information on the Lawndale Artist Studio Program.

All application materials are due by May 31, 2013 (Midnight - Central Standard Time). Please note, applications will only be accepted online via

 Programs at Lawndale are supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The City of Houston through the Houston Museum District Association, The Texas Commission on the Arts, Houston Endowment, The Brown Foundation, Inc., The John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation, The John P. McGovern Foundation, The Wortham Foundation, Inc., Art Colony Association, John M. O'Quinn, Cecily E. Horton, Ann W. Harithas, Diana M. Hudson and Lee Kaplan, Chinhui Juhn and Edward R Allen III, Bevin and Dan Dubrowksi, Bruce Eames, Anita and David Garten, Felvis Foundation/David R. Graham, Jenny and Mark Johnson, Jeryn and Walter Mayer, Paula Murphy, Andrew C. Schirrmeister III, Scott Sparvero, Gabriela Trzebinski, TeleFlex, United Airlines, Kinzelman Art Consulting, Poggenpohl Design Studio and other contributors, memberships, benefit events and many volunteers.


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